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Sample and rules for filling out a sick-list in 2019

Making insurance payments, you need a sick leave. Any mistake, inaccuracy in the document can lead to serious consequences, up to the non-payment of the amount of the sick-list. The doctor or the employer must be attentive to filling out forms. Let us tell you how to draw up a list of disability.
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Diet and nutrition

Eclairs at Home - 5 Recipes

Eclair is a traditional French dessert. Talented culinary Marie Antonin Karem, who is known to many thanks to the cake Napoleon and Charlotte, is the author of the eclair recipe. A popular dessert with cream can be found not only in the menu of any restaurant - homemade eclairs are prepared all over the world.
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Mom's favorite sling - types, descriptions and reviews

The world speaks of a sling (from the English "to sling" - "hang over the shoulder"), as an innovation of recent years, a newfangled trend - but this is not quite so. The habit of carrying a child with a special band was born to women who lived in the ancient world, and smoothly entered our modern life. In the baby sling, it can be worn from the very first hours of birth - during the time when it is necessary for mother and child.
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