Green slimming coffee - real reviews. Should I buy green coffee?

Outside, spring and beach season is very soon. Every woman seeks to put herself in order, using a variety of methods. Therefore, today we decided to tell you about one of them, namely about green coffee for weight loss.

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What is green coffee? Its features and useful properties

Green coffee has recently been identified as an independent brand of this drink. And this is fully justified, since a drink made from grains that were not roasted has a specific taste. And also he has a lot of useful properties.
The most famous of them is slimming effect. It is provided chlorogenic acidcontained in grains, which helps burn fat three times faster. Also in the composition of this miraculous drink includes linoleic acid, insoluble fats, tocopherols, steorins and other beneficial substances.
Green coffee is recommended for people who suffer. hypotension, low blood pressure, disorders of the digestive tract. This drink has excellent tonic properties, helps to normalize the pressure in the vessels of the brain, improves memory, mood and concentration. Green coffee can be consumed even during pregnancy, because it does not contain caffeine and is rich in nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Green coffee and weight loss

A group of scientists from the University of Srantona (Pennsylvania) proved that green coffee beans can stimulate weight loss. A similar conclusion was made after conducting medical research on a group of volunteers (16 people) suffering from overweight.
The essence of the experiment: patients had to take every day a small dose of extracts from green coffee beans, for 22 days. At the same time, volunteers controlled heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, physical activity and diet were taken into account.
At the end of the experiment, patients lost average 7 kgthat the total weight of the group is 10, 5%. Third group dropped 5% dead weight.
Scientists believe that weight loss was significantly affected by a decrease in the absorption of glucose and fat in the intestine. Green coffee also helped to reduce insulin levels, which significantly accelerated metabolism.
The initiator of this experiment, Joe Vinson, at the end of research summed up the following results: for weight loss, he recommends use green coffee extract daily, several capsules a day. But do not forget about counting calories and regular physical exertion. The scientist believes that green coffee is a safe, effective and affordable way to say goodbye to those extra pounds.

Should I buy green coffee for weight loss? Women reviews

To find out whether green coffee helps to lose weight, we interviewed women who have already applied this method on themselves. AND here are their stories:

Green coffee is the easiest way to say goodbye to extra pounds. A year ago, with her help, she lost weight. The winter has already ended, but I have not gained a single extra gram. In general, I recommend to everyone.

Green coffee is really effective, it helps to lose extra pounds. However, so that the figure was beautiful, do not forget about daily physical exercise and healthy eating.

Slimming coffee is another divorce. In the restroom you run every half hour, and the effect is zero. Maybe this is an individual feature of my body? But I still do not recommend green coffee for weight loss, this is money thrown to the wind.

I like to drink green coffee. Besides the fact that it is quite a tasty drink, it is also very useful. Several years ago, I recovered greatly, I do not even know why. No diets helped me. But after I began to drink this drink, the fat folds began to melt before my eyes.

Lovely girls, do not fool yourself. No "magic potion", whether coffee or another drink will not help you lose weight. To extra pounds left you forever, you need to work, exercise regularly, eat right.

I really like green coffee. Very tasty drink, perfectly tones, has a lot of useful properties. And it contributes to weight loss. However, you shouldn’t rely only on coffee, nobody canceled a healthy diet and physical exertion)))

I bought this green coffee out of pure interest. As for me, the usual drink, not very tasty. Does not have any fat burning effect. If you do not stick to a diet and exercise, your weight will not go anywhere, regardless of whether you are drinking green coffee or not.

Green coffee has a wonderful tonic effect. However, do not be fooled. Lying on the couch with a cake and a cup of green coffee you will not lose weight. Regular exercise is still necessary.

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