Lose weight on an intuitive diet, or how to stop thinking about food

A new method of losing weight was revealed by an American doctor Steven Hawkes. The doctor suffered from obesity in 2005, diets did not help to lose weight. Then he began to adhere to the intuitive power and he managed to get rid of almost 23 kg! In addition, he was able to save the result.

Consider how does the new method workwhether it has flaws, and also determine whether it is effective.

What is intuitive nutrition - the basics of a diet without diets

A new way of eating is a lifestyle, a philosophy that is already followed by millions of people in the world.

According to the method do not limit yourself to eating, to eat when you really want and listen to your body, choosing a particular product.

The main rule of intuitive nutrition: "Hear your body, give it what it requires."

The method is based on the following principles:

  • Deliberately refuse diets
    Understand that diets are useless, they harm our body. Fast weight lose will never work, he will still come back with time. Realize that in the world there is no effective diet.
  • Say no to hunger
    The body must receive the required amount of carbohydrates and substances. If you limit yourself to food, then sooner or later, you will fall through and satisfy your hunger with more food. As soon as your body gives a signal, it means that it is really hungry. You should learn to eat only when you want to eat.
  • Do not count calories
    If you want to eat fried meat, chips, hamburger, do not limit yourself, eat everything that you want. In addition, stop sticking to daily calories and is only on the calculator.
  • Do not overeat
    Often, women who limit themselves to a particular product begin to uncontrollably sweep away everything in their path, especially the food they refused. To prevent this from happening, "make peace" with food. Do not ban yourself anything, and then overeat.
  • Pay attention to the feeling of satiety
    Remember how your body feels when you are full. During the meal, remember the taste of food. Begin to treat food as a divine miracle. Then you will start to feel happy exactly when you are not hungry.
  • Determine your satisfaction factor
    You have to decide how much food you have enough to get enough of yourself and not to overeat. If you enjoy every bit of food, then on a subconscious level, you will start to eat less and less. If you do not pay attention to the taste of food and in general what you eat, then the body is satisfied with the amount of food eaten, and not with quality.
  • Look for emotional satisfaction in something else, but not in food.
    Every day we experience a lot of emotions - anxiety, boredom, anger, sadness. To survive them, many begin to "stick" and satisfy hunger in this way, which actually was not. If you start looking for a source of other emotions, then you will not have to eat when you are experiencing, or vice versa.
  • Take your body
    Of course, the structure of the body is different for everyone. It should be understood that with the growth of a meter with a cap, you will not become a leggy model. Accept your genetics, make friends with yourself, stop complexes. As soon as you realize that your body is your dignity, then you will want to improve it.
  • Be active
    Ride your bike, walk in the evening, run, go to the mountains. You should note that any activity has a positive effect on the body.
  • Choose "reasonable" food
    When choosing products, rely on those that will be truly created from natural products. What you eat is important, so first choose healthy, tasty foods.
  • Motivate
    Dream about harmony, but choose the ideal for your parameters.
  • Understand yourself
    Often, fullness is a symptom of health problems. Watch your health.

Pros and cons of intuitive power - can it be harmful?

The intuitive power technique has many advantages.

The main advantages

  • Is safe
    You choose what you eat. Consume products in normal quantities, do not overeat, thus do not harm the body. As a rule, supporters of such food eat 5-6 times a day, but in small portions. Moreover, they do not limit themselves in nutrition and eat when they want.
  • Comfortable
    This way of losing weight is easy to follow. This is not a painful diet.
  • Effective
    If you adhere to all the above principles, then after 2-4 weeks you will notice the result. Of course, efficiency depends on your lifestyle, real weight. Remember, a miracle will not happen in a week, but after a while you will be able to be proud of yourself.
  • Is available
    Apply the technique to anyone. As suffering from excess weight, and no.

Some people who have begun to stick to this type of nutrition have noted the following disadvantages:

  • The power supply system is not clear, the general philosophy of the method
    Note that the intuitive power can still be called a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, exercise or just be active, move, then those extra pounds will go away.
  • "One must always have a full fridge"
    The difficulty is in the fulfillment of your desires. But note that there are shops and supermarkets in all cities. You can simply buy a certain product when you feel hungry. That is why many working people do not cook for themselves food, or buy the one that you can quickly cook. For moms with children, this is not a problem at all. In the refrigerator of a family man there will always be food "in reserve".

Of course, the disadvantages of intuitive power are insignificant.

How to start?

Go to the intuitive power is very simple:

  • Step 1. Start keeping food-emotional diary
    Write in a notebook, or in an electronic journal about what you ate, what time, what event was before eating and after the meal. This way you can analyze why you are eating. If these are negative emotions that you "jam", then you should review the food scenario. Such interrelations abound. The main thing is to exclude them.
  • Step 2. Start to love yourself
    Accept yourself for who you are. Stop sitting on diets, count calorie eaten. Do not scold and do not blame yourself for having eaten.
  • Step 3. Pay attention to the feeling of hunger and satiety.
    Eat when really hungry. You can also analyze the situation on the entries in the diary.
  • Step 4. Identifying taste sensations
    Choose products not by their appearance, but by taste. Ask yourself if you want sweet, salty, spicy, etc. You can also rely on the structure of products - soft, crunchy, hard, etc.
  • Step 5. Determine Your Power System
    Often, beginner eaters of intuitive nutrition buy various products for several days and determine what they really need, what they like to eat more. For each person, these products are individual.
  • Step 6. Move More
    Start simply walking in the evening, leaving the house, apartment. Fresh air will always be useful.
  • Step 7. Analyze the result, the effectiveness of the method of power
    As soon as you began to change your lifestyle, began to make adjustments to it, you get the result - lose a few pounds.

If this did not happen, or you could not determine your power system, consciously answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. How to plan your diet so that it is not uniform?
  2. What are some reasons why you cannot feel hunger?
  3. What makes you nervous?
  4. How do you calculate your portion? How much food should satisfy hunger?
  5. Why haven't you listened to yourself yet? What prevents?
  6. Have there been breakdowns and overeating? For what reasons?

By answering these questions, you can decide what you are doing wrong. Chat with friends, they will help you understand yourself.

Just remember, it is important for you to hear an objective point of view regarding not only nutrition, but also lifestyle. You will be able to understand the problems and try to solve them. A conscious, intuitive attitude is a new stage in your life and development.

Watch the video: 3 Steps to Intuitive Eating (November 2019).