Trampolining - benefits, harm, contraindications

Jumping on a trampoline is considered mainly children's fun, because for the small members of society in parks and squares set all kinds of inflatable and rubber rides. However, what adult would not want to get inside for a moment with your child and have fun from the heart, taking off into the air? But this is not only a pleasant pastime, but also useful.

The benefits of trampolining for adults

This exercise is gaining increasing popularity among the adult population. All sorts of sections appear where you can come in and in the company of like-minded people to enjoy your time pleasantly. Owners of their own garden or gym install a trampoline at home and occasionally do jumps. What motivates them to do this? First of all, great pleasure from the lessons on this simulator. The fact that it improves mood is an indisputable fact. And he is able to replace the exercise bike and make an excellent alternative to aerobic exercise.

Jumping on the trampoline: the use of this simulator in the first place is that it is well trained vestibular apparatus. After all, at the time of the jump, a person reflexively tries to take a position that will allow him to keep his balance and land successfully. So, such classes train him, develop, make more perfect and improve the coordination of movements. Such a pastime is extremely useful for strengthening the muscles of the back and spine, it acts as an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis, and is also used in the treatment of this disease.

Those who are contraindicated in weight training due to the inability to lift weights, and running is also banned due to low pressure or vegetative-vascular dystonia, you can stop at the trampoline classes and not lose anything, and even win, because this is a good aerobic exercise on the body. Use of the trampoline: 8 minutes of jumps replace 3 kilometers of running, and they also improve intestinal motility and blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and endurance, train the respiratory system and all muscle groups, reduce the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases, improve mental and emotional state.

The benefits of jumping for children

For a growing body, a trampoline is simply indispensable. And if an adult only has a vestibular apparatus, then the child develops and develops, improves motor skills and coordination. Surely, every parent noticed how children love to jump anywhere and everywhere: on the street, on the couch, on the bed, on the pillows, etc. Jumping on a trampoline for children directs the irrepressible energy of the baby to a useful course: parents now do not need to think about how to occupy the child and dismantle the rubble of bedding after his games. The baby thus develops fine motor skills and the respiratory system, and the musculoskeletal system is formed. The benefits of trampoline for children on the face: the baby is cheerful, active, his appetite increases, he sleeps well.

Trampolining and weight loss

Recommended trampolining for weight loss. After all, if this device performs the role of a simulator, then it has all of its advantages: it increases oxygen consumption, reproaching metabolic processes, causes the body to expend more calories more intensively, which means that if it is eaten properly, it will also start to lose weight. Trampoline for weight loss is recommended because it replaces a variety of aerobics with a minimum amount of time. It is very difficult for those who have too much weight, and sometimes it is simply impossible to practice regular sports due to excessive load on the legs, feet and joints. For those with such problems, doctors recommend starting with simple walking, swimming and jumping on a trampoline.

Such training does not burden the knee joints, they do not experience excessive loads as during running and training in the gym. But in any case, when pushing away from the springy surface, the muscles themselves tense up and come into motion: by landing on the butt, you can activate the work of the gluteus muscles; Starting up from a sitting position, leaning on your arms from behind, you can increase the endurance of the hip joints. Jumping on this rubber gadget is exactly the load that should be started by those who have not been engaged in physical labor for a long time. To enhance the metabolic processes, it fits perfectly.

Harm and general contraindications

Trampoline: the benefits and harms of this simulator are not comparable, but the latter is the place to be. Training on this simulator is contraindicated for hypertensive patients, people with severe cardiovascular diseases, with asthma, tachycardia, thrombophlebitis, oncology, diabetes mellitus and angina pectoris. But we are talking about severe forms of the disease and periods of exacerbation. If you strictly control your state of health and do it moderately, then there will be no harm from this, but only benefit. For example, patients with diabetes who are often suffering from obesity, doctors recommend to follow a strict diet and increase their physical activity, and this simulator can help with this. Harm of a trampoline in this case will be minimal and then if you are engaged in uncontrollably.

Trampoline: contraindications to classes in no way relate to those who voluntarily became a hostage to excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle. It is time to shake things up and start a new life, where there will be no place for fast food and other foods rich in chemical additives. And if weights in the gym and run in the mornings can be with a sour face, then jumping with such a facial expression on a rubber device is unlikely to work. What would not lead a person to such sad consequences, jumping will relieve stress, relieve depression and will inspire and even inspire new feats in the fight against extra pounds. It remains only to wish these people good luck.

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