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Yoga for kids or baby yoga

Yoga is a truly unique system. There are no limitations for practicing yoga: no matter how old you are, whatever health condition you have, you can always choose for yourself a set of exercises that is perfect for you. Paraphrasing the famous line of Pushkin, one can even say: "Yoga is of all ages submissive." And you can add: “Moreover, absolutely all ages”!

Is there really child yoga? Of course! There is yoga not only for adults, but also for children! Moreover, there are special programs designed for the little ones, which are called “baby yoga”. Surprised? In fact, there is nothing surprising in this. Indeed, in ancient India, fathers began to practice yoga with their children when they were 8-9 months old! No, no, this is not a typo, we are talking about the age of 8-9 months, and not 8-9 years. In ancient India, a 9-year-old child was already quite developed and could perform asanas, which even now sometimes can only be performed by professional gymnasts. Indeed, at this early age, the body of the baby is extremely flexible and lends itself perfectly to anyone, even the most incredible stretch.

And now you will be surprised even more: baby yoga has not disappeared anywhere, it still exists today. But ... many professional pediatricians are sure that you should start training with a baby not from 8-9 months, but ... immediately after his birth. Like this.

What is the use of baby yoga?

If you are a young mother, and you want to engage in the “baby yoga” system with your child, then you should remember that your state of mind, your sensitivity, tenderness and attention to the baby are without which such exercises lose all meaning. Starting to engage with your baby, you also need to love yoga, and then such joint activities will help not only to strengthen the connection between you and your baby, but also make your relationship even more trusting and fulfilling. You will learn to hear your child and to understand at a glance what he wants at the moment. And he will learn to love, understand, and respect you. Imagine how important it is for him and for you?

But that's not all: in the process of yoga for children, your child will learn to cope with the stresses and shocks that all babies must have during that difficult period of life for them when they are just beginning to learn this world. And you, young mommy, from such exercises will also have an undoubted advantage: after all, baby yoga is an excellent therapeutic tool that will help you to restore the body after childbirth, to cope with birth injuries, for example, if you have back problems and back pain childbirth, and quickly return to good physical shape.

Is yoga safe for children at an early age?

Having touched on the topic of safety of yoga for children, let's speak frankly. If you approach this issue irresponsibly, and start to deal with a child with “bay-floundering”, of course, you and your baby may have problems. Moreover, you can even injure yourself and your child! But this applies only to those moms who “fly ahead of the locomotive.” Needless to say, before starting such classes, you definitely need to consult with a gynecologist and a pediatrician, read articles on the topic of yoga for kids, look on the Internet, what are the exercises.

If you feel that you can not cope, then you can enroll with your baby in the group of baby yoga. Such groups now exist in many fitness centers and gyms. In this case, the excitement does not have the right to exist: an experienced baby yoga trainer will show you how to work with a child correctly and with what exercises it is best to start.

Of course, you can say that all this will take too much time, which you already lack. But aren’t your child’s physical and mental health and your own health worth all in the world? After all, scientists have long established that children who started yoga at an early age do not get sick much, study better at school and are much less susceptible to stress and mental unstable conditions than their peers, who spent the first months of their lives only in a warm bed with a familiar papilla in mouth.

Yoga for children - video lesson

Martha Dobrykina for women's online magazine

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