Cold douches - benefit, harm, contraindications

Hardening with cold water increases immunity, efficiency and reduces the likelihood of disease. Consider how true these statements are.

The benefits of cold dousing

According to supporters of hardening of the body, the benefits of dousing in the morning are indisputable. An example is the lifestyle of Porfiry Ivanov, who walked in shorts all year round, did not wear shoes and practiced cold showers in the cold. Porfiry Korneevich did not turn to official medicine, but unwittingly became a participant in the "experiments" on the effects of cold on the body, conducted by the Nazi and Soviet authorities.

In the course of such studies and as a result of observations of people practicing pouring cold water, factors have been revealed that suggest the benefits of such hardening.

Immunity enhancement

Such hardening - stress for the body. Therefore, the enhanced production of lymphocytes and monocytes, health guards, which prevent the penetration of infection, becomes a reaction to the icy shower.

People who temper the body are less likely to catch colds. The risk of infection by pathogenic microorganisms is present, but there are no conditions suitable for reproduction.

Improved heat transfer

If you practice pouring cold water, the benefit is in the reflex compression of the capillaries. Reduced blood flow, which leads to a decrease in the temperature of the skin. As a result, the body saves heat.

Simultaneously with a decrease in the intensity of the surface blood flow, the blood supply to the internal organs increases. Gradually, the capillaries expand again and the body is filled with pleasant warmth.

Strengthen vascular tissue

The benefit of dousing in the morning is expressed in a kind of stimulation of the heart muscle and blood vessels. Such training causes the vessels to contract and expand, which increases the elasticity of the tissues and becomes the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies.

Increased performance

If you practice dousing with water, the benefits manifest immediately. Mood improves, vigor appears, drowsiness disappears. This is due to the stimulation of areas of the brain responsible for the production of norepinephrine.

Normalization of metabolism

Blood flow and increased lymph circulation have a positive effect on metabolic processes. As a result, attention concentration rises, memory improves. The body is provided with energy, the release of which occurs due to the decomposition of adipose tissue. No wonder cold douches are considered a method of dealing with cellulite.

Harm and contraindications of cold douche

If you practice pouring water, benefit, harm becomes indicators of the correctness of actions. Remember that pouring ice water leads to health problems if a person is weakened.


The harm of cold douches consists in the unpreparedness of the organism. It is better to start with a contrasting soul, gradually accustoming the body to a change in temperature. A weakened person, with a tendency to SARS, should accustom the body to the procedure, gradually lowering the temperature of the water. Otherwise, it is easy to earn serious diseases of the respiratory tract.

Decreased adrenal function

Harm of cold douches is the increased production of glucocorticoids by the adrenal glands. This is the body's natural reaction to stress. The amount of hormones increases, which helps heat. Systematic hypothermia leads to a decrease in the functionality of paired organs and to further dystrophy.

Vascular diseases

The release of norepinephrine and glucocorticoids increases the risk of blood clots. Then the circulatory network of the vessels of the legs suffers. A person unprepared for hardening, by hasty actions provokes the fragility of blood vessels, blockage of the lumen by blood clots.

Heart failure

Harm of cold douches consists in change of temperatures. Sharp cooling of the body surface leads to accelerated blood flow. If the heart muscle does not cope with the growing load, it is likely that the contractions will stop. A person receives a myocardial infarction, angina pectoris or a stroke. No wonder doctors say that even while swimming, it is necessary to gradually sink into cold water - skin receptors take some time to get used to.

Immunity destruction

Systematically performed illiterate douche - harm to immune protection. If an ice shower lasts 1-2 minutes, the body experiences stress, the immune system is suppressed, which leads to the destruction of vascular tissue.

The destruction occurs gradually. The negative reaction manifests itself after months.

It is fraught with douche for children. Immune protection of the child's body is not fully formed and the kids easily get sick after hypothermia.

Contraindications to cold water douche - diseases of the heart and blood vessels:

  • hypertension,
  • tachycardia,
  • heart failure.

Even a healthy person must follow the rules in order not to destroy, but to strengthen their health.

Cold water rules

Performing tempering douche, beginners can not rush to an icy shower. And do not tilt the bucket over your head - a gradual practice is needed for dousing. It is impossible to accustom the body to hypothermia, but you can reduce the negative reaction.

To begin, consult with a cardiologist. With contraindications ice pouring is prohibited. Therefore, identify the factors that prevent hardening.

Proper dousing at the initial stage involves daily rubbing with a cool wet towel and foot baths with a gradual decrease in water temperature. When the discomfort obtained during the procedures is reduced, it is allowed to proceed to the douches.

Ice douche with head does not bring good! This is the simplest way to earn SARS if you temper your body on cold or frosty days in the open air.

Pouring ice water is performed systematically. If you stop the hardening, the body will again experience stress, fraught with a decrease in immunity.

Hardening ensures the growth of the freezing threshold and reduces the risk of infection. But it is necessary to perform the procedures taking into account contraindications, slowly increasing the load on the heart and blood vessels.

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