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Lent of 2013 - food calendar

Great Lent is designed to purify the body and soul of every true Christian. During this time, he must rid himself of those needs that possess him, completely enslaving him. Fasting has a very deep meaning - it is a recovery, and strengthening of the will, and checking oneself, and giving up bad habits. How to eat in Lent of 2013 - today we will answer you this important question.

Lent is not only restricting the diet solely of products of plant origin. It is a way to find oneself, peace, live according to the laws of God and human commandments. The whole fasting must be accompanied by repentance and prayers; to take communion and confess.
The great force of Great Lent is so tangible that recently not only Christians, but also people who are far from church, unbaptized, and even representatives of other faiths, are beginning to observe the rules of this time. The explanation of this paradoxical, at first glance, phenomenon is very simple: fasting is a good remedy for recovery, for getting rid of extra pounds, for organizing proper diet, useful for everyone without exception.

Lent time in 2013

Great Orthodox fast in 2013 begins March 18and will only end May 4thon the eve of the feast of the Great Easter. The strictest fast will begin seven days, that is, a week before Easter, ending with a passionate Saturday, or Saturday of the Holy Week.

How to enter the Great post?

  1. Before post is necessary go to churchtalk to the priest.
  2. About a month follows prepare your body to Lent, and gradually eliminate the meat dishes from the menu, replacing them with vegetarian ones.
  3. Great fasting is not only a rejection of animal products, but also rejection of offense, anger, envy, carnal pleasures - this must also be remembered.
  4. Before post is necessary remember prayersmaybe get a special prayer book.
  5. It is necessary to think over - what bad habits you need to get rid of you need to analyze your passions, learn to control emotions.
  6. People who have health problems that have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or metabolic disorders, pregnant and lactating women, children, the elderly, debilitated and recently undergone surgery or serious illness, taking any medication, you must refrain from fasting.

What products should be discarded during Lent

  1. All animal products (meat, offal, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, butter, fats).
  2. White bread, muffins, buns.
  3. Candy, chocolate, pastry.
  4. Butter, mayonnaise.
  5. Alcohol (but on some fasting days wine consumption is permitted).

Power Rules during Lent

  1. The most stringent rules prescribe eating during the Lent once a day. On Saturday and Sunday, strict fasting permits food to be taken twice a day. Charter allows laymen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is cold food, and on Tuesday and Thursday - hot food. All days of the week food is prepared without the use of vegetable oils. According to strict regulations, from Monday to Friday should be followed. dry food (bread, vegetables, fruits), and only on weekends to eat cooked on fire the dishes.
  2. Lax postallows you to add some vegetable oils to food, eat fish and seafood. For all the time of Lent there are special indulgences: on the great days (The Annunciation in 2013 - April 7, Palm Sunday in 2013 - April 28) allowed to eat fish. On the eve of Palm Sunday, on Lazarus Saturday(in 2013 - April 27), allowed to eat caviar.
  3. In the post do not need to drink milk, even powdered or in other foods. You can not eat eggs (chicken, quail), baking and chocolate.
  4. Weekend can be consumed grape wine. You can drink wine also on Saturday of Holy Week (which will be from April 29 to May 4) - on May 4.
  5. Laymen who observe not very strict fasting can consume fish every monday tuesday and thursday.
  6. Need to eat balanced. In no case should Lent be replaced by a normal diet, it can lead to a deterioration of health.
  7. Laymen need to eatup to four to five times a day.
  8. The diet should be made in such a way that you use not less than one hundred grams of fat, one hundred grams of protein, four hundred grams of carbohydrates.

What can be eaten in Lent?

  1. The basis of the diet in Lent is plant food(vegetarian). These are vegetables and fruits, cereals, any vegetable, fruit and berry canned goods, jam and compotes, fermented and salted vegetables, and mushrooms.
  2. You can add to dishes during Lent. any seasonings and spices, greens - It will help to enrich the food with vitamins and trace elements, plant fiber.
  3. Groats must be actively used for cooking in Lent. Cereals are best to choose unpolished. For lean baking, you can take not flour, but a mixture of various grits ground into flour - such baking will be very useful.
  4. Currently, busy people who wish to observe Lent offer products and semi-finished productswithout animal products food industry. The hostess will be rescued by frozen vegetable patties, special mayonnaise, cookies, and bread.
  5. It is necessary to consume more products such as honey, seeds, nuts, legumes, dried fruits.
  6. In Lent is not forbidden to take multivitamins - buy them for yourself in advance so as not to suffer from hypovitaminosis.
  7. Liquids for drinking need to eat a lot - about 1.5-2 liters per day. It is better if it is a decoction of rose hips, fruit and berry compotes, mineral water, herbal tea, green tea, jelly, fresh juices.
  8. It is recommended to eat more during the post. fruits - The best would be apples, lemons and oranges, dates, bananas, dried figs.
  9. Vegetable salads should be on the table every day (from raw, pickled, pickled vegetables).
  10. Baked potatoesdiversifies the lean table and will be very useful as a supplier of potassium and magnesium for the good work of the heart and blood vessels.

Calendar of Lent in 2013

Great post is divided into two parts:

  • Fourties - it in 2013 keeps within in the period from March 18 to April 27.
  • Holy Week- this period falls on the period from April 29 to May 4.

Every week, Lent is divided into seven weeks (seven days each), and on each week of fasting there are special dietary regulations.

  • On the very first day of Great Lent, in 2013 - March 18, you must completely refrain from eating food.
  • On the second day of Great Lent (in 2013 - March 19) dry food is allowed (bread, raw fruits and vegetables). Food must also be abandoned. May 3, on Good Friday Day.

According to a strict statute, dry food used in the following periods:

  • At 1 week (from March 18 to March 24).
  • At 4 weeks (from April 8 to April 14).
  • At 7 weeks (from April 29 to May 4).

By strict charter, boiled food can be used in periods:

  • At 2 weeks (from March 25 to March 31).
  • At 3 weeks (from April 1 to April 7).
  • At 5 weeks (from April 15 to April 21).
  • At 6 weeks (from April 22 to April 28).

Note: laity can adhere to not so strict fasting, and eat boiled food with added vegetable oil all the days of Lent, except for two days of the beginning of fasting and the day of Good Friday.

Preparatory four weeks before the Orthodox Lent of 2013:

Calendar of the Orthodox Lent 2013

Calendar of the Orthodox Lent 2013 with indication of permitted and prohibited products

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