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January 9: Stepanov Day - what kind of national holiday is it and how was it celebrated? Traditions and omens of the day

In ancient Russia, this day was considered the main one for the annual hiring of farm laborers. It was necessary to have time to conclude an annual contract with the peasant and the shepherd.

Rites and traditions of the day

The shepherd at that time was considered the most respected worker in the village. He was elected at general assemblies. Read the ability to read plots from the devil. If the shepherd understood these things, then they tried to choose him. However, they were very afraid to get involved in disputes. People believed that if they quarreled with the shepherd, he could sacrifice the cow to the healer.

All loving mothers considered it an honor to give the growing up son to the shepherd’s teaching. They said that if you can hire as a shepherd, then the whole village will be in your debt. And all because his services were worth very good money.

On Stepanov’s day, the peasant had the opportunity to tell the pan all of his resentments accumulated over the year. In such a situation, the Panamas had to endure all this, since without a peasant his economy would decline. After all the moralizing, the peasant made a decision about his future work with a particular owner.

January 9 is also considered the day of the horse festival. They tried to water the horses, so to speak, through silver. A silver coin rushed to the bottom of the bucket, after the horse had drunk the water, they tried, invisibly to outsiders, to hide the coin in the stable in the stable under the manger. The peasants believed that such a rite gives the animals peace of mind, confidence. That they become kinder and enter into mercy for the house. So, nothing bad will happen to them. And the witches will not be able to get close to the horse.

On the day of the Stepanov labors, each owner chopped aspen stakes and placed them in the corners of the farm. This saved their property from visiting the witches, who by all means tried to harm people.

In the evening it was time for celebrations and general merriment. The people went to visit each other, they sang, played, congratulated them on the New Year and Christmas. Everyone who had fallen asleep was woken up and forced to join in the fun.

As a treat, special so-called fresh breads, carols or wickets were baked. The recipe for this bun has been preserved to this day. If desired, it can be easily found.

Unmarried girls on that day tried not to miss the opportunity and to tell fortunes to their marriage. They took all the candles that were in the house, threw themselves on the table and in pairs were removed from it. If, as a result, one candle remains on the table, then it will not be married yet. Instead of candles, a handful of sunflower seeds could be used.

The weather of this day is also significant. A clear and frosty day will bring a fruitful year.

Born on this day

People born in Stefanov day have such contradictory qualities as kindness and pragmatism. But they manage them very well, so they can achieve their goal, approaching the goal for years with small and confident steps. These individuals can lead. Subordinates will always feel with such a leader as behind a stone wall. They, as they scold the case, and deserve praise.

On this day, the name of the Fedor, Luke, Stepan (Stephen), Tikhon, Antonina.

An amulet in the form of a carnation of red or white color will help to understand who the true friend is.

People signs for January 9

  • A clear and frosty day saved the harvest for the whole year.
  • Fog can be seen in the distance - warming is coming.
  • Abundant snowfall will bring harvest of wild berries.
  • If small birds do not fly, snow is coming.

Historical events of this day

  • 1768 was marked on this day with the creation of a circus arena in the form in which it is to this day.
  • 1769 this day went down in history by the introduction of the first paper money, the so-called - banknotes.

Dreams that night

Dreams that dream this night can tell about the fate of loved ones.

  • Dreamed carnation - waiting for a white stripe of luck.
  • Drowned in sluggish flowers - will have to overcome a little difficulty.

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