Fun jokes for the best friend on April 1 - Day of Laughter

The first day of April has a special status - it is a day of laughter, which is very loved by the people. On this day, it is customary to play friends and acquaintances, which gives rise to the jubilation and laughter of both sides of each situation. How can fun and harmless play a girlfriend on the first of April - consider all possible options in this article.

However, it is necessary to take into account that people have a completely different sense of humor - it is necessary to choose such jokes and jokes that do not hurt, do not offend a loved one. The "surprises" that you prepare for your friend should not be a stumbling block in your friendly relations with her, therefore this question should be approached very wisely and thoroughly, weighing all the pros and cons, assessing all the possible consequences of your jokes - you do not want to be left without a friend?

Fun and harmless jokes for his beloved girlfriend on April 1

  • Paint a piece of ordinary soap with clear varnishlet it dry well. When you come to your friend's place, under the pretext of washing your hands, go to the bathroom, and put a piece of soap with lacquer in a soap box, instead of the soap lying there. Later, a friend with a laugh will tell you how unsuccessfully she tried to soap her hands with this soap.
  • If you are working with a friend in the same office, you can cook for her "surprise" using a computer. Choose the most unfortunate photo of your friend, copy her page on Odnoklassniki websites or VKontakte, use Photoshop to insert an unsuccessful photo instead of the real one in the screenshot of the page. At the hour "X" it is necessary under any pretext to tear a girlfriend from the desktop (send for buns, tea, accounting, etc.), and at this time put a picture with a screenshot of the site, like desktop wallpaper and hide all the labels from it . It will be interesting to watch the returning friend try to close her page and unsuccessfully click on the screen.
  • If it's rainy outside and your friend came to work, studying with an umbrella, you can make a very nice and harmless joke that will cheer up both of you. When a friend gets distracted, leaves the room open her umbrella, pour more confetti into it and close it as it was. When you go home together, a friend on the street will open an umbrella and will be simply stunned by a rain of multicolored confetti - just like everyone around.
  • In the evening, before the day of April 1, it is necessary to stay in the office longer than a friend. Good and fun joke - to wrap everything in her workplace with ordinary threadsby making a semblance of cobwebs. On the morning of April 1, when she comes to work, she will clear the approaches to the table for a long time. Alternatively, you can wrap everything on her desktop with food foil.
  • If a friend lives in a high-rise building, you can call her early in the morning and offer a ride to work (on your own car or with a passing car, supposedly unexpectedly in possession). Then, after a while, call back a friend, and report that the code lock at the front door of the entrance is broken. And she should open the door for you, going down. Keep in mind that such a rally should be held, having time left on the way to work or school, otherwise your friend will be very angry and offended at you.
  • If your girlfriend comes to work in her own car, you can take a working break. stick scotch on the car in advance prepared funny faces, inscriptions, checkered taxi. Keep in mind that this rally must be carried out, being convinced that children who are walking nearby will not spoil your work.
  • If you live with a friend in a dormitory, you can play it in the morning, replacing a tube of toothpaste on the exact same, but inside which you pre-load mayonnaise.
  • Good joke in the hostel - attach girlfriend sneaker on double sided tape to the floor.
  • If you work with a friend in the same office, you can make an unexpected and very funny surprise for her, gluing a computer mouse to the table with double-sided tape. As a variant of such a rally, at the moment when your girlfriend leaves the office, you can put a toy in the shape of a real animal on the mouse pad instead of a computer mouse. To the tail of this mouse, you can attach a black cord, which is thrown at the table, and to this string, to redeem your “guilt”, attach a small bag of candy or a postcard “From the first of April!”.
  • If your girlfriend loves to listen to the radio in the car or at work, write to the editor of this radio channel in advance and Order congratulations for a friend, for example, "Happy Blondes" from some stranger to make it funny. Of course, you must then arrange everything so that a friend at the time of "X" listened to this radio.
  • A harmless and very beautiful April Fool's joke - make more photos of your friend or photo collage, print them on a printer. You can also prepare a lot of plates with different wishes from April 1, anecdotes, etc. It is necessary to inflate many colorful balloons with helium, to the tails of which you attach a photo of a friend and a sign with congratulations, releasing them to the ceiling. When a friend enters the office in the morning, there will be no limit to joy and surprise.
  • Nice joke for attentive girlfriend. Put on a black blouse or skirt. Take a coil of white thread, with a needle, pull the tail of the thread out - somewhere on the shoulder, back. Put the coil in the inside pocket of your clothes. When an attentive friend notices a white thread on your black dress, she will try to take it off - and you can watch your girlfriend's genuine surprise from the infinity of the thread being pulled.
  • All girlfriends on the first of April should send the same SMS with the following content: "I am already frozen to stand under the door, open the doors for me, finally!" The next day, you can hear funny stories about how all your friends rushed to open the door for you.
  • If you are working with a friend in an office, then wait until she leaves the office somewhere. Meanwhile you fast take a screenshot of your desktop, close all open windows and folders, put this picture through the application Point, as the desktop wallpaper. Returning girlfriend will want to get to work, but no button will not respond to a mouse click. Perhaps her friend would guess that it was an April Fool's joke, after several attempts to restart the computer.
  • Very fun joke, which you can cook for a friend on April 1, will require a chicken egg and your resourcefulness. It is necessary, under any appropriate pretext, to invite a friend to perform one trick (for an epoch, do not show an egg for the time being). For the focus, a friend should stick her fingers into the door slot where the hinges are and take an egg with her fingers. Tell her that now you will perform a very interesting trick - in general, “speak your teeth” to your friend, urging her to do this. As a result, after lugging an egg into the fingers of a friend, slipped into the door slot, you can move away from the door to your workplace, leaving your friend in such a foolish position for a while. Of course, when performing this rally, you must make sure that no one will be able to accidentally slam or pull this door in order not to injure your friend.

So that your joke does not cause a quarrel, prepare excellent sweets, coffee, various goodiesto sweeten your surprise pill.

Happy April 1 - April Fool's Day!

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