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Why dream violet

Delicate and as if air violet actually turns out to be not so simple and harmless flower. This applies equally to caring for her, as well as to various beliefs and attitudes regarding this small flower.

Interpreters of dreams give violet a lot of space, and often opinions on "violet" dreams diverge quite significantly. But most of them still attribute them to female dreams, i.e. carrying information for the beautiful half of humanity. So.

What dreams of violet - dream Miller

Gustav Miller believed that a good sign for a girl would be a dream in which she collects violets or simply admires them. So, soon she will meet either very influential people, or meet her betrothed. The last fact is also indicated by a dream in which she decorates her hair with violets.

But to accept violets as a gift in a dream, oddly enough, turns out to be a warning sign. At a minimum, this foreshadows a quarrel with loved ones, but it can also bode for the emergence in life of a truly dangerous person in his cunning. For a young girl, to receive as a gift violets, especially from a stranger, means impending treason, and if violets are faded, to cool relations.

Violet in a dream - dream Vanga

The famous Vanga also did not leave violets with her attention. With Miller, the similarity of her interpretations is that a bouquet of violets, accepted as a gift or, on the contrary, presented, means the appearance of an unwanted and even dangerous guest in the house.

Collecting violets - this, according to Vanga, to great success in life.

Sell ​​violets - to a great mutual love.

A dream in which a person is engaged in planting violets means that he is ready to revise many of his life positions, and for the better, the right direction. Watering violets means a difficult but fair fight for love.

What does it mean: I dreamed of a violet according to Freud's dream book

Sigmund Freud insisted that most violets dream as a precursor to real physical danger. And it concerns women.

A man who saw these flowers in a dream should not only try to protect his partner from all kinds of critical situations in the near future, but also pay more attention to her in the future, which she clearly suffers from.

Also violet in a dream become for the couple harbingers of inappropriate quarrels, which most often will arise due to bad mood and problems at work.

What dreams of violet - dreaming Longo

Longo interprets dreams about violets not quite like most dream books. First of all, he sees in these dreams not so much a prediction about his personal life, but rather about a relationship with people.

Picking flowers means suffering from excessive arrogance. To accept a bouquet as a gift - to listen to the critical remarks and advice of friends, to change the wrong principles. And vice versa - failure to accept a bouquet means quarrel and discord, unwillingness to accept someone else's opinion.

What else do violets dream about

... They say that violets in pots dream to very gullible people, but for the most part, such a dream is a harbinger of good luck and family well-being. See the violets blooming in winter - to financial losses ....

In a word, there are many interpretations and they depend on various facts. You can combine them, perhaps, one thesis. Violets often dream on the eve of important events that can radically change life. And often such dreams become a signal to reassess relations between close people.

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