New rules for admission and admission to the university in 2017

There have been no significant changes in the rules for admission to Russian universities in 2017. There are not many changes - but they can play a role in admission. Therefore, future students are advised to be more careful and clarify the rules for admission, which are regularly adjusted, directly in the selected university.

So, what should everyone who enters this year know?

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  • According to the rules of this year, the applicant has the opportunity to submit documents for admission to the number of universities, equal to 5. In addition, he can choose up to 3 specialties in each of the selected educational institutions. Moreover, the graduate can submit an application by e-mail or send it by mail to Russia.
  • From this year, the list of persons who have the right to enroll (note - under programs of a specialty, a bachelor degree). In 2017, children of FSV officers of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, as well as employees and servicemen of FSV of the National Guard, were included in it.
  • Touched change and Crimeans with Sevastopol. This year, special conditions of admission for them have been canceled, and there is no special quota allocation for applicants from the Crimea and Sevastopol. Students will be admitted to the general stream and undergo entrance examinations on a par with all applicants in Russia.
  • However, the privilege for former schoolchildren of the Crimea is still left: Sevastopol and Crimeans have the right to enroll in any institution of higher education in the country in accordance with their bachelor’s and bachelor’s programs upon presentation of the relevant education certificates.
  • All updated rules for admission to universities must necessarily be posted on personal sites educational institutions.
  • Concerning persons with disabilities, as well as persons with disabilities, changes in the conditions of admission have been developedconcerning more expanded provision of their needs.
  • Special rights remained with the winners / winners of the Olympiad, in the "piggy bank" of which additional points fall upon admission (note - in total up to 10 points).
  • The list of competitions that can bring additional points is also expanded. - there are 88 of them today. The list included several more Olympiads (note - Robofest, Innopolis, TechnoCube, etc.).
  • For entering the direction of "intellectual systems in the humanitarian sphere" useful information about the introduction of the new entrance test - now have to take more and mathematics.
  • The changes affected the terms in which universities should announce benefits for the winners / prize winners. Data on such benefits are required to publish on October 1.
  • Admission to the university without entrance exams in 2017 is also possible! Such a right will appear among the winners of the Olympiad, as well as among school graduates who have received the highest marks at the Unified State Exam in a specialized subject. But only under the condition that the rest of the subjects were delivered by them not less than 75 points each.
  • Terms of admission of students to the magistracy also changed. All applicants must submit the complete set of documents before July 20th.
  • Innovations touched and medical universities in the country. The internship, as a form of vocational training, has been completely abolished since September of this year. That is, doctors will start working directly without a certificate of termination of residency (only with a diploma of graduation from the university). As for the technology of healing, its students will have to master simulators assigned to medical institutions. The development of skills, according to the amendments, will have to take place in the process of training under the direct supervision of specialists.
  • Another change for future medical professionals. Habitual certification procedure is now replaced by accreditation, which takes place simultaneously with state examinations. This examination will have to take place every five years.

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