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What to give dad on his birthday?

How difficult is it to find a suitable present for man on birthdayeven if it's your own and favorite dadwhose taste and habits seem to be well known to all family members!

For some reason, it is customary to think that men love practical gifts that can be used in the household. On the one hand, there really is such a type of men who like to tinker around the house all the time. Well, if your dad is one of them, a set of tools will be appropriate for him as a gift. But believe me, most of the representatives of the stronger sex adore beautiful and stylish things as much as women. Therefore, choosing birthday gift for dad, do not forget that he is, first of all, a man who is surely tired of getting "useful and necessary gifts", and who exactly dreams of an unusual and memorable gift.

What can you give dad a birthday present? Surely, he has his weaknesses. For example, many men are avid collectors. If you know that your dad has any collection (whether it is a watch, a snuff box, a cigarette lighter or something else), then you don’t need to look especially for a gift. An interesting addition to his collection for one hundred percent will give your daddy joy and pleasure.

And maybe your dad is interested sports or likes to go hiking? Then give him any sports equipment or, if funds allow, a treadmill or some other simulator. By the way, mom will surely like such a gift and come in handy.

In addition, men are not less than women love good perfumes. French eau de toilette with an exquisite smell will also be a wonderful birthday gift for his father. Just try to find out in advance what kind of toilet water your father prefers. Best of all, it is to find out in advance from mom - she knows the answer to this question.

What else can you give dad? Yes, a lot of things. For example, a cigarette case (if it smokes), an expensive pen with a gold pen, a business organizer, a leather-bound notebook. In a word proceed from the scope of his professional activities.

And many more men will be delighted with beautiful ring with a stone talisman or pendant with their zodiac sign. But here you have to be sure that your dad loves and wears jewelry. Otherwise, your gift will go to eternal storage in his desk or cabinet.

Well, of course, there is also specific gifts. For example, a fishing rod or a hunting rifle will be a great surprise for your birthday boy, if, of course, he is an avid hunter or fisherman.

Also, be sure to buy your dad elegant bouquet of flowers. This is complete nonsense that it is not accepted to give flowers to men. Refer to the florists, and they will make for your order a beautiful male flower arrangement. Yes, one more thing - together with a gift and flowers, present him a tasty cake. Three-quarters of men are terrible sweets, so this gift will definitely appeal to your dear daddy.

And most importantly, Give dad your warmth, love and attention. Then anyone, even the most modest gift, will make him the happiest man in the world!

Martha Dobrykina for women's online magazine

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