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What is the dream of the bride?

Our dreams are always a big secret to us. At all times, people have been searching for a connection between their dreams and reality. Thanks to the accumulated centuries-old experience, today we have various dream books that lift the veil of secrets of our subconscious.

Today we turn to different dream books and find out what the bride dreams about, her dress and everything connected with the wedding.

Bride in a dream

To dream a bride - to wait, and to be a bride in a dream means to remain unmarried in the near future (for a girl).

The French believe that to dream of a bride warns about a happy meeting in real life and marriage for great love. In Russia, a similar dream to failure, quarrels and large losses.

Gypsies interpret the bride, who appeared in a dream, as a harbinger of wealth. And if a girl saw herself as a bride in a dream, then this promises her a quick marriage.

If you are already married, the bride, who came to you in a dream, promises possible troubles and troubles in family life. If the bride cries from not wanting to be married, then this suggests that you will have to live with an unloved person.

For men, such a dream speaks of hope in business, luck, and a profitable business proposal.

What is the dream dress bride

To see yourself as a bride in a dream is to get a good inheritance, but the dream has such an interpretation, if your dress pleases you, it is beautiful and you will enjoy wearing it.

If the dress is not to your liking and it is unpleasant to wear it, then, most likely, you are waiting for shattered hopes and sufferings brought on by affections. And in the case of a combination of a dress with a white veil, sleep may be a warning about the impending illness.

If you dreamed of sewing wedding dresses, then it says about your imminent marriage. Sew a new wedding dress - your beginnings will bring good dividends, success and recognition.

If we consider a wedding dress in a broad sense, as just a dress, then there are also different interpretations, depending on the beauty and luxury of the dress.

So the dress that you like can talk about a possible new acquaintance and even a fan. While the dirty and ugly dress warns of a possible separation from your loved one.

Bride and groom in a dream

Images of young bride and groom - a symbol of great change. If they are happy and satisfied, the changes will be extremely pleasant for you and will occur in the near future.

In addition, a beautiful young couple seen in a dream is a harbinger of some kind of success and a great undertaking in your life. You saw yourself as a bride and groom - to be sad and disappointed in something soon.

In general, the bride and groom in a dream are a symbol of the union of the male and female principles, and their wedding means unity, in reality this may portend new beginnings.

To see in a dream one fiancé who lost his beloved - to disappointment. Most likely, you are waiting for the collapsed hopes and failed plans.

Sleep and kiss the bride

Kiss the bride in a dream? Be sure of your well-being and financial position in the near future. Just a similar kiss in a dream will bring reconciliation with friends and good health into your life.

When in a dream you saw that the bride kisses other people around, then in reality be ready for great pleasure and meeting new friends.

If you kiss a tired or sick bride, then in reality you will not bring pleasure to the actions and decisions of your friends.

Why dream of a bridal bouquet

The flowers collected in the bridal bouquet symbolize your desire to learn how to get married (marry), however, if you make a wedding bouquet yourself, this promises long loneliness and the inability to arrange a personal life.

Many dream books interpret wedding flowers as a sign of a very pleasant and quick acquaintance. And if this bouquet is in the hands of the unfamiliar groom, then in the near future you will find pleasant changes in your personal life.

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