Cope with irritation and anger in two accounts !!!

As you know, anger is nothing more than a protective reaction of the body to a stimulus. It is with his help that we get rid of the excess of emotions. True, not everyone likes this expression of feelings, and many suppress this reaction in themselves, destroying themselves from the inside.

How to get angry, and how can you quickly curb your anger without harm to health?

If your child is irritable and naughty - help him become calmer!

1. Method for lovers of self-inquiry

Being angry, a person loses control not only over himself, but also over the situation.

You can change the usual "mechanism" of the response by turning attention inward. I.e, self-scanning.

How to do it?

  • Take the situation as it is given to you, and feel your anger.
  • Determine what specific sensations are present in the head, in the region of the heart, in the stomach. Is adrenaline rising? What happened to the breath? What images haunt your mind at this moment?

The more attention to the analysis of the condition, the faster the anger goes.

2. Calm, only calm!

Meditative method.

  • At the moment of anger, close your eyes, take a break from the situation and imagine yourself in the most calming situation (everyone has it). Any positive images will come in handy.
  • Introduce your friend (mom, dad, acquaintance, etc.) who is sitting next to you, and mentally ask him for advice. It is clear that he will not be able to answer you, but your consciousness will do it for him.

3. We face the enemy

That is, we allow our inner feelings to flare up in full force.

What is the essence of the method?

  • You should imagine how you destroy everything around because of your resentment - absolutely everything.
  • Do not hesitate to scale and the consequences of destruction - more details and colors! Let the picture created by imagination completely take hold of your mind.
  • And when the world will not even have a stone on the stone, "letting off steam", you can remember about your offender.
  • Think about the reason for your anger. Most likely, you realize that the problem of such emotions was not worth it, and on the scale of the planet it is simply insignificant.
  • Now it is possible for the offender to "forgive and release."

4. We rise above our offender

Realize that you are taller than him in this situation.

  • Do not stoop to the level of response.
  • Find a drop of compassion for a person (as for any patient) and immediately leave.

Or maybe you are a new mother, and you have postpartum depression?

5. Splashing anger with music

When you are brought to "white heat", always I want to shout back(so we are arranged).

  • But yelling at the offender is below your dignity.
  • Turn on your favorite music at full volume and sing loudly.
  • Sing until you get tired or your anger goes away.

6. We write letters!

If the music can not be included - write a letter to the offender.

  • Do not hesitate in expressions, lay out everything you think about him. In all the details! Paper, as you know, can endure everything.
  • Just do not forget to burn the letter with your negative emotions and dispel the ashes to the wind. Or just shove it in the shredder (approx. - paper shredder).

7. We are angry with health benefits.

Instead of throwing anger in the face of the offender choose any sports alternative - from punching bag and squats to push-ups and pull-ups.

  • If you are an impulsive and quick-tempered person, then in a month or two you will be provided with cubes on the abdomen and a taut figure.

8. Wash away your anger

  • You can literally - take a bath or get under a bracing shower.
  • And even better - swim in the pool or steam in the bath.

Water always relieves stress.

9. Get mad at home

Another great way to dispel anger is cleaning the house.

  • It does not matter what exactly you will do - everything will be the way!
  • Start with the dishes, and then - how it goes, until your "disheveled" feelings give way to peace in the soul.

10. Smile of the Buddha

This technique borrowed from show-tao (so someone, and the Chinese in mental equilibrium will give odds to any people). The method can be useful not only in managing anger, but in general can significantly change your life for the better.

How to apply it?

  • First, take a deep breath and exhale - calm down and as quickly as possible abstract away from the cause of anger and other negative thoughts. It is better if immediately from all.
  • We relax the muscles of the face and mentally imagine how they become heavier and warmer, after which, suddenly losing elasticity, slowly "flow" to the neck in a pleasant languor.
  • Focusing on the corners of the lips. We represent how they are slightly moved apart into a slight smile.
  • No muscular effort!

This exercise is performed daily - in the morning, before bedtime, and at times when you urgently need the calm of the Buddha.

If you are jealous of your loved one - it's time to cope with jealousy and become calmer!

What else can you do if you need emergency help to get out of the state of irritation and anger?

  1. Get to your warehouse of old magazines. (waste paper) and tear the paper until it “releases.”
  2. Do not listen silently to the offender - interrupt himand, ironically, joking, leave, leaving the last word behind you. Humor is the best weapon!
  3. Ask yourself - what would you most like to do now? Of course, with the exception of "give the offender a face." And arrange a moment of "unheard of generosity" for your willpower. That is, save yourself anger, satisfying hidden needs.
  4. Imagine the abuser in a funny way or in a comical situation.This option usually works with a bang. The main thing is to direct all forces to the work of fantasy.

Many psychologists advise to fight anger by suppressing it in itself. One of the most popular tips is "count to ten". It even helps someone. But more often, having counted “up to ten”, a person simply breaks off the chain, having heated himself even more strongly.

remember, that anger should not push in itself, and throw out (to drown emotions in oneself is bad for health and psyche)! You just need to pour out so that it brings only benefit. And you and others.

Watch the video: Anger Management Techniques (November 2019).