What to plant in August - the garden and greenhouse

With the arrival of August, the work of summer residents and gardeners is increased, because you need to harvest and prepare the soil for the next season. However, in the last leaving days of summer, you can still sow the seeds of fruit and vegetable crops and have time to enjoy the autumn harvest.

What can be planted in August

What to plant in August? First of all flowers. If you left a place for an oasis of beauty next to the beds of potatoes, onions and carrots, then the middle of the last month of summer is the time for rooting of lilies and small-bulbous plants - crocuses, muscari, scilla, narcissus, Pushkinia, autumn crocus, and hionodox. These recommendations concern those who live in central Russia. Southerners can postpone the landing date to September. Plant in August in the country can be conifers. The middle of the month is just the most favorable for their better rooting. At the same time, the lilac, which in the spring will decorate the garden and fill it with wonderful aroma, should be buried in the soil.

Plant for the garden

What can be planted in August in the garden? Greens - dill, basil, parsley, coriander, cress, arugula, mustard, daikon, lettuce. In early August, you can plant potatoes 40-kadenevku, and in mid-September to collect a second crop. Last month of summer is ideal for planting black radish, as well as onions and other leafy spices. Radishes can also be rooted at this time of year. Before the first frosts, this early-ripening crop is able to please with another crop. Moreover, in the last month of summer, the sun is already softer and not so generously gives hot rays, which affect its taste is not the best way.

In 15-20 days after the seeds are sunk into the ground, it will be possible to regale on juicy and crunchy fruits. When re-planting is recommended to take into account the condition of the soil and culture that preceded it. A good harvest can be harvested from the place where garlic previously grew. The ideal predecessor for radishes is peas. Garden in August: what to do? Plant carrots and beets to obtain beam products. Only varieties are better to choose early ripening, so that they could get everything useful in the soil before the onset of the first frost. At the same time, sorrel and parsley are sown for the winter. They will sit in the cold season under the snow, and in early spring the first shoots will appear for the joy of the hosts.

What can be grown in a greenhouse

What to plant in the greenhouse in August? At this time of the year, it is possible to plant cucumbers of early ripe varieties, and in October, cut salads from them, generously seasoning with ripened greens. Beijing cabbage, broccoli cabbage and radish are also able to bestow a good harvest under the reliable protection of greenhouse walls.

Many gardeners are trying in the last month of summer to plant spinach in the open field. But it is better to do it in the greenhouse, then it will definitely not disappear and will not be spoiled. Here you can transfer and planting greens. If the greenhouse is heated, then it is possible to plant peppers and eggplants. What to plant in the greenhouse? Tomato seeds can be dredged into the ground. It's also a great time to get a generous cauliflower crop.

Planting care

Vegetable garden in August requires careful maintenance. In the place freed from the gathering of fruits and berries, siderats (oats, phacelia, peas or mustard) are planted. This is needed for cleansing the land, freeing it from the remnants of previous crops and preparing the soil for new works. In addition, these crops will protect it from quinoa, ragweed and other weeds. At this time of year, planting should be regularly watered, not forgetting to loosen and mulch the soil, and protect trees from pests and diseases. In August, it is customary to cut cherries and cherries. Late varieties of apple, pear and quince can be attacked by the moth, so there is an urgent need to take urgent measures.

August is the time for regular feeding, and even at that time they are actively fighting pests, treating crops with pesticides. In addition, free space for autumn planting garlic and onion sets. Thin out carrots and beets and protect them from flea. Works in the garden in August include the rationing of the fruits of melon crops - melons, watermelons and pumpkins. In August, raspberries are harvested, and strong sockets of strawberries and strawberries are used for laying new landings. As for the care of the vineyard, at this time the growing shoots are tied up, and the tops of the stepchildren pinch.

In August, daffodils, irises, peonies are divided and transplanted, pruned roses, tucking tuberous dahlias to protect against frost. Gather herbs, seeds, carry out sanitary and perfecting the pruning of bushes. In August, the length of days is reduced, and the nights are getting colder, but the work of the summer residents is only increasing. And how else, because without it, you will not get a good harvest and you will only have to regret the time and effort spent.

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