7 best options for working on maternity leave at home for pregnant women and mothers - how and where to find work on maternity leave?

With the first quiet sleep of the child, you realize that this time can be used for something. And what is most depressing in the decree? Probably, the lack of independence: in time, in finance, in planning the day ...
And all these factors are closely intertwined with each other. And, if the dependence on time and the children's regime will gradually disappear as the child grows up, then you yourself can decide financial independence in part. Read below for examples of working on maternity leave at home.

Home Kindergarten

The idea is to organize a home kindergarten, perhaps - an informal one. In Europe, it is practiced a long time ago, so moms do not fall behind!

Well, if you have your own private territory or a good playground in front of the house. A significant advantage will be your sociability and good reputation among friends.

The system is such - you walk with the children, engage in developmental activities, feed for lunch (it can be lunches from parents) and put to bed (usually parents decide the issue with beds). Children should be close in age to your child. Number in a group: from 2 to 5. Many parents use these kindergartens only for half a day, before the child’s sleep. In general, a good job at the time of the decree for women who are well able to manage with children and have organizational skills.


If you are doing handmade, try selling it online. In my opinion, very pleasant and creative work for mummies on maternity leave.


Do you like to cook? Why not try such a tasty job for moms on maternity leave? And the family does not hurt, and the child is not mad, and you yourself will definitely eat well. Otherwise, many mummies on maternity leave lack attention to themselves. And often this is manifested in malnutrition, weight loss and the emergence of problems with health and mood.

Professional advice

If before the birth of the child you were a good specialist, then it's time to organize consultations via the Internet. You can do this yourself or search the Internet. Narrow specialists require many thematic sites: doctors, lawyers, economists, builders, etc.

Secretary on the phone

Some firms use remote assistants to save on taxes. Secretary, taxi dispatcher, consultant - all this can be done without sitting in the office. What do you need? Desirable, good diction, hearing, attentiveness, patience, comfortable headphones and a notebook at hand. Such work in maternity at home does not require special skills or higher education.

Child Development Lessons

A vivid photo of happy children from a free invitational lesson can be an advertisement for such work on maternity leave. How to occupy children? Sculpting, simple cooking, drawing, puppet theater or fun gymnastics. Here, first of all, you should focus on the age of the group. You can advertise your classes through the page in contact and announcements at playgrounds.

Advertising agent

A good job for women on maternity leave is mediation. For example, for a certain percentage you find customers for a store or various services, for example, for a familiar family photographer or travel agency. You know how it happened: there are moms, someone tells something, and the other likes - "Give me a phone number?"

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