Diesel clothing brand: Innovation and shocking

Diesel is a leading brand international italian brandcreating and producing jeans, casual clothes and various accessories. Main stream - denim. This company is present leader in the invention of new materials and production methods.

Representing and offering their clothes to the consumer, manufacturers guarantee complete quality control of fabrics and tailoring technologies used in production. Worldwide, there are about six thousand outlets. Two hundred boutiques successfully sell in 80 countries of the world.

In Russia, clothing from Diesel has been sold since 1996.

Who loves clothesDiesel? Brand historyDiesel

The brand is famous for its special chic, even in casual wear. When creating models great attention is paid to every detail. Thanks to a combination of non-standard vision of designers and a unique brand cut, the creators manage to produce product of excellent quality.

Company founder Renzo Rosso - a native of Italy. His parents were ordinary farmers. Having learned about the hobby of his son sewing, they were very unhappy, tried to guide the boy on the "true path" of farming. But the young man stood his ground, so we now have the opportunity to contemplate these "works of art."

AT 1978year designer became a leader in a small company that produced clothes and accessories on the orders of other branded companies. After some 2 years in production launched the first collection of clothing under the brand name Diesel and very quickly gained its position in the Italian market. But this designer was not enough. He was attracted by the world spaces.

In the early 80s release starts Diesel Kids Children's LineAt the same time, the first store of brand stylish clothes, called the Genius Group, opens.

WITH 1985For years, the Diesel brand is fully owned by Renzo Rosso, becoming its private property through the purchase of all shares from the previous owners.

AT 1989year begins production line of clothes for women. Stylish collections quickly won the hearts of fans this brand. But at the same time began to fall in demand in the US market. This situation did not suit Renzo, and he found an effective solution - scandalous advertisingor, more precisely, commercials with frank content and half-naked bodies. The designer was not mistaken. Such advertising instantly caused outrage among the masses and thereby attracted attention to the brand and aroused considerable interest.

In addition to such an effective way, Renzo had a lot of ideas. In the early 90s years in production goes clothes line for sports and outdoor activities.

Rich in innovation 1997year - this year the world saw first exclusive accessories with Diesel labelin high demand among young people and the new line Diesel style lab. These clothes have higher prices than other lines, but they are not very different in quality. She just seems to be on the sidelines, as if this is another brand of clothing. Despite the high cost of things, this line has a good success. And in 2001year already begins again release of a new brand called Black gold, which is characterized by a special chic, but does not lose at the same time its classics characteristic of street style.

In subsequent years the brand continues its active ascent and conquest of new positions and hearts of fashionistas and fashionistas, continuing to shock consumers with its commercials with frank advertising and delight with impeccability of clothing collections. Today, this brand needs no introduction. The label with the inscription Diesel is popular and familiar to all.

clothingDiesel - the most fashionable collections

Diesel is clothing and accessories of high quality and stylish design. For the year there are two collections of the season. Generally, there are about 20 thousand positions and names. There is a very interesting decision in production policy - if a particular model begins to acquire great popularity, then it is removed from production in order to preserve the individual style of the entire clothing.

What can young women find here? Yes, whatever you want - a variety of denim clothing from jackets and shirts, to skirts and shorts, all kinds of summer tops, frank and not very warm sweaters and pullovers, from quality material, elegant dresses and overalls, a wide variation on the theme of outerwear, classic suits and pants.And lovers of all kinds of accessories will simply be lost in the variety of original and non-standard proposals, which can not only beautify and complement the main image, but also make it stand out from the crowd.

Exist 4 main lines:

Diesel Style Lab - this casual wear line. All high-end models released according to fashion trendsbut at the same time they dictate fashion themselves. Choosing clothes of this line, you will never be disappointed. All items of clothing are able to complement each other in various versions of your image. Thereby, without the help of a stylist, you can dress fashionably and be in trend.

Diesel Kids - clothing line for little fashionistas. Even despite his young age, in clothes from Diesel you can look bright, fashionable and bold. Thanks to this line, it is possible from the age of two instill in the child a sense of style and sophistication. In the clothes from Diesel, your child will feel confident, which will help him to assert himself.

55 DSL - here clothes for sports and adventure. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then this line is able to offer you all the most. stylish, fashionable and comfortable. All models are actually tested "on the ground" for compliance with the requirements of convenience. In the production of used fabrics and patterns made by modern international standards of sportswear, but at the same time, in each model there is a style inherent only to the Diesel brand.

D-Diesel - famous jeans collection. It is the models of this line that more often than others are in the center of attention of all lovers of fashionable and high-quality denim clothing. This is facilitated not only by bold design decisions, but also by provocation through brand advertising campaigns. This line is "face" of the company. It is thanks to the innovative solutions in the creation of modern jeans models that the Diesel brand has such popularity today. Every year in the new season all the numerous fans of this brand are looking forward to the release of new denim collections. Many of them do not represent their life without the presence of favorite jeans models from the world brand Diesel.

Care for clothes from the brand Diesel. Clothing quality Diesel

Do you want to keep the original look, the things you bought from Diesel and extend the service life? Then just use it wisely and with love. After all, only in this case you will look great in your clothes brand Diesel.

Like any other high-quality stylish clothes, Diesel's brand thing requires quality care.. Observing all the requirements for washing - water temperature, mode, individually selected detergent, proper drying - you will provide complete care for your high-quality things.

Do not mercilessly exploit the newly purchased new modelwhether it be a coat, dress or jeans. Things like living organisms need to rest periodically. By caring for them, you ensure your perfect appearance and success. After all, even in our days, in most cases, they are met according to their clothes!

Clothing reviewsDiesel: about dresses, jeans, jackets, etc. 


When I chose a t-shirt for the summer, I came across the Diesel brand. I didn’t take anything of this brand before, but I heard a lot, so I tried it and bought it with pleasure, because there was a good discount. I have the dimensions 85/67/94, the size S fitted me well. On the chest there is an inscription golden with a greenish tinge. For two years now I have been wearing a thing, but all the sparkles are like new. Sewn from thin fabric, but in appearance very high quality. I love to wear this thing in the summer.


And I really like my swimsuit. Quality without complaints, really like. Neat panties. The top of the swimsuit perfectly emphasizes the chest. Looks great when you dress.


I wear Diesel jeans. Consider when choosing a size that they can more than measure. The quality of them is at the height - made from 100% cotton. It is now a rarity. When I bought them, I saw that the scuffs were made in some yellowish shade, then over time it began to seem to me that it looked like a long time ago not washing thing, so I don’t wear them less often.


When I bought my tunic, I was going to wear it in the form of a tunic. But she sits so coolly in the form of a simple, everyday dress that is the only way to use it now. The beach is generally very convenient. It is very light, not hot. I immediately liked the quality. Over the season, nothing has changed. The seams are nowhere to open and the buttons are in place. Color and shape are all in the same original form.


And this brand let me down, unfortunately. I ordered jeans on the Internet. I waited with such impatience. And such a setup. On the left leg, the seam is so skewed that it goes somewhere forward, not at the side. From the side it is very visible, striking. Yes, and the quality of the material is some cheap. In China, they sew something? If only they could check it before sending it to the market. And the prices for Chinese things are 5-10 times lower. As a negligent company relates to its reputation. I have no complaints about the store. I am sure that this manufacturer disappoint. In short, the complete discrepancy to his big name.


Last year I bought this brand's overalls with a very interesting cut. Easy, summer. I wear it as with tops, if it's everyday wear, and on my own, if it's an evening out. The fabric is very nice. Breathable. In the summer it is a pleasure to walk in it. And it looks very stylish. In addition, it has excellent tailoring quality. Already a year I am pleased with this purchase. Now here I am waiting for summer to put on my favorite thing.


I have a great option for the heat - a light and nice blouse from Diesel. Sewn from translucent fabric, but does not look vulgar. At work, of course, do not wear it. And to go out into the city or take a walk in the evening is ideal.


When I ordered a bag from an online store, I was 100% sure that I would take it without failures. But what came simply shocked me. I don’t want to give seven thousand for a striped bag, but it turned out to be such in reality. I returned it, but the sediment remained. Buy everything live, you can touch, examine and try on.


And I have excellent breeches from this brand. And like the style, and quality. All on top! And look very stylish with any riding. Medium density fabric. When washing does not fade, the color does not lose.

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