How to take revenge on the lover of his beloved man without scandal and blood - a guide to action

Women who have never betrayed their wives are truly happy. But what about those who have learned about the infidelity of a loved one and have made sure of the existence of a mistress?

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How to get revenge on the lover's mistress - what you do not need

Naturally, the situation is unpleasant, and by themselves there are thoughts of revenge on a woman who has stolen your beloved husband. And rightly so, because the time has come stop such injustice and impunity!

Use tips like gracefully, without blood and scandals to revenge the husband's mistress.

So, revenge rival, you are not only blow off steam, but also show your husband your character, add tar in the honey of family life.

The main rules - what to do is not recommended:

  • Do not overdo it with a plan for revenge, it must be something simple, and at the same time, elegant.
  • In no case do not violate the laws and, if possible - the norms of decency. You have no unnecessary trouble at all. In the end, of course, you are a well-educated, self-respecting woman.
  • Do not dwell on his mistress, your main goal is not to ruin her life, but to show that it’s better not to get involved with your faithful, just like with you.

  • After you implement your plan for revenge, switch to yourself, pay attention to yourself. Go to a beauty salon, be sure to buy yourself exactly the dress, which you have long dreamed of, and in which you look just stunning. Your husband will definitely notice a good change in your appearance and it will intrigue him. Undoubtedly, you deserve the best attitude towards yourself, and if your faithful does not appreciate your merits, this does not mean that you do not have them.

How to get revenge on your mistress - methods of elegant and beautiful revenge

First of all, you need to find out knows lover in your face or not.

If she has not yet seen you, then the methods listed below are for you:

  • You will have to get to know her, and close, fully gain confidence, to become a friend. Sooner or later, she will want to meet your family, your husband. And here she is, that awkward moment when a new girlfriend finds out that she broke your family. The most important thing is to remain a victim, because remorse of conscience will torment her for a long time - if she, of course, has it.
  • Find out the home address of the mistress, and write on the front door paint obscene word. When she wipes it or repaint the door in another color, write the same word in a new way. You can go to church sectarians and give contacts to your girlfriend. After that, they will call her and come home, talk about the Bible, the meaning of life and so on.
  • If the husband's mistress has a car, the task is greatly simplified. You need to stock up on valerian and pour it over the car. Naturally, the smell of all the local cats come running together, and begin to stain and scratch it. And on the roof you can put bread crumbs, and birds (pigeons and sparrows) will spoil the coating with their keys. In winter, you can break an egg on the roof of the car, it will instantly freeze, and when it gets warmer it will peel off with paint. Developing a plan, how to revenge your mistress, make sure that your revenge does not look like the tricks of an offended child.

If the husband's lover already knows not only about your existence, but also saw you, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Find out about your opponent if she has a husband, even if she is a former.You can flirt with him in front of her.. You do not need to have a serious relationship with him, make sure that mutual friends see you together. If she doesn’t have a husband, you can flirt with her friend, brother or ex-boyfriend. And rest assured that it will touch the mistress.
  • In addition, you can just constantly catch her eye.She, in any case, will be unpleasant. However, if you are a very impressionable person, then it is better to refuse this option, since you yourself are more upset than a lover.
  • If your spouse is a decent person, then You can constantly on weekends and evenings ask him to stay with the children. And even better to go on a business trip or on vacation, and children leave the spouse in the care.
  • If your lover has beaten off the one with which you work at the same job, then the best way is get promoted and become the boss over the opponent. What to do next, probably, does not need to be explained, and even better, if you defiantly dismiss it. Or maybe when you grow up professionally, you will meet someone more worthy than the unfaithful husband.

So, as you could see, you have every opportunity to bring revenge to your husband's mistress. However, before you get down to business, think carefully - do you really need it? Remember that stupid girls are spying on their husbands, and smart - for themselves.

If you want the faithful not to betray you, and did not even have the desire to look at others, make plans for how to preserve and strengthen feelings.

Or do you have long gone wrong relationship - this means that time to think about new relationships!

In this case, revenge is absolutely not necessary, it is better just to wish them good luck and take search for your happiness. After all, after the betrayal of her husband, it will be very difficult for you to start trusting him again, and you will constantly suspect him of something.

In any case, do not hesitate - you deserve to be loved and only, and not to take second roles!

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