Your new figure: we remove the sides and stomach

"How I love my slender hips, thin waist and taut buttocks! And how I hate fat, which hides all this!". Funny joke, right? But there is some truth in it.

In each of us, even in the very thing that is pyschechke, hides a slender beauty. It is only necessary to contrive and extract it from the shell, which is - we are sure of it! - only temporarily hides the body from others

In fact, fluffy beauties were once in vogue. They were filming daguerreotypes and painting portraits. They composed verses about them, singing steep hips and high breasts. And so Rubens and Kustodiyev so many colors and canvases were transferred to capture their soft, flourishing, entailing femininity!

Oh, sorry, those days are gone. On fashionable podiums thin mannequins are walking around, and new standards of beauty are so firmly rooted in our minds that even the slightest noticeable sides and tummy are often considered to be something like a windstone and allegedly incriminate their owner in laziness and passion for cakes.

And although in reality there is nothing reprehensible in the lush figure, many strive to remove the sides and stomach as quickly as possible, while throwing off from a couple or three to a dozen kilograms eaten during the winter.

To quickly remove the "lifeline", hanging over the belt of skirts and jeans, it is not enough to limit yourself to food. Short-term diets, of course, help. But the effect of them is just as short-lived. With great difficulty, the dropped kilograms will very soon return to double size, if you do not support the result of physical activity.

First you need to firmly remember: to remove the stomach for three days is possible. For example, with the help of a shock dose of laxatives, an enema and a hard restriction on food, the abdominal volume can be reduced by approximately one and a half to two times.

But it will happen solely by reducing the contents of the intestine. And the fat “reserves” will remain intact. Well, the fact that such a demarche doesn’t affect the hips at all is probably not worth saying.

Therefore, if we really take up the matter thoroughly, then you need to tune in to the fact that you will have to remove your stomach and sides with the help of special exercises. In this case, after five days, you can get quite a decent result and get into last year’s jeans without much difficulty.

So, what needs to be done to urgently reduce the stomach and sides?

Clean the intestines

First you need to completely clean the intestines with an enema. Water for the procedure can be with chamomile decoction.

Provide special nutrition

It is necessary to ensure a special diet: after the rise and the first breakfast there is every 2 hours as much food as can fit into a regular faceted glass, until the evening. And you should not think that this is too cruel!

Practice shows that, for example, a small chicken cutlet (steam), a couple of tablespoons of boiled rice, a couple of tablespoons of cabbage salad seasoned with olive oil can be placed in an ordinary glass. Well it is, for example.

In fact, among the products that are permissible for speed loss, there may be fish, and zucchini, and beets, and buckwheat - in a word, everything, but little by little. The main thing, less fat - more proteins. Unsweetened fruits are not forbidden.

Two hours before bedtime, you can drink a glass of 1 percent kefir. And that's it! No trips to the fridge at night!

Perform special exercises

If you make it a rule to spend at least half an hour on home fitness, then it’s quite realistic to get an optimal weight loss effect in a short time and remove your sides and stomach for three days.

Among the exercises must be those that purposefully tighten the abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs. Mandatory rule: each exercise is performed in at least 20 repetitions of three approaches.

The best effect is given by exercises with a fitball - a special inflatable ball for gymnastic exercises.

The main thing is not to be lazy! And then the result will not take long.

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