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10 best wedding gifts for friends - can I give money for a wedding?

The question "what to present to friends for a wedding" baffles many. And in fact - and what to give? I do not want banal gifts - blankets, wine glasses in boxes and irons. Yes, and money awkward somehow. What if they are offended? What to give to friends, and how you can surprise them?

  • Fulfill the dream of "spouses"!The newlyweds probably have a common dream. For example, to wave on the island and spend a couple of weeks alone with each other near the ocean, swallowing coconut milk through the tubes. Or look at your favorite city from a bird's eye view, and then jump with a parachute. Or maybe they are dreaming of two mountain bikes and a joint cycling trip to the mountains? Spend the necessary "detective" work among their relatives - and forward, for a gift!

  • Aquarium with fish. It all depends on financial opportunities. This may be a small but original aquarium with a goldfish. Or a huge aquarium with all the necessary system and rare posh fish. In any case, the gift will be by the way - beautiful, solid, symbolic ("for money that will not be transferred in the house").
  • And still money!If nothing original comes to mind, or the newlyweds hinted transparently at empty pockets, then why not - donate money. Just do not put them in a white envelope - make a gift is non-trivial. For example, order a beautiful solid photo album, fill it with photos of the newlyweds and their friends, and put the banknotes in a separate pocket of the cover. Or, for example, make a gift in the form of a panel under the glass - “wife on a fur coat”, “husband on fishing rods” and “children on booties”. Or fill a beautiful basket with small cabbages (with a hint), and hide an envelope with money at the bottom (just do not forget to whisper to your friends that cabbage should be sorted out before midnight). You can also use the option of money tree, boxes in a box, etc. Include fantasy!

  • Bed linen and pillows See you as a practical gift? So be it. But, again, in the original version: order your gift in a photo shop. Let the image of smiling newlyweds or their dreams be on pillows and a blanket.
  • If you have enough money, then a gift can be balloon flight and, as a continuation of the "banquet", rest, for example, in the spa or water park. Let your friends remember your gift. Afraid of heights and do not like water slides? Too modern? Book them tickets for the concert of your favorite artist, pay for train tickets and hotel room "for lovers".
  • Horseback riding with a photo shoot.Pleasant memories and positive sea guaranteed. Two-hour horse ride, white horses, professional photo session, and then 1-2 days in a country house with a fireplace and a full fridge of goodies - only for two.
  • Salute from butterflies. Very popular, it is worth noting, a gift, always causing a lot of positive emotions. Large tropically butterflies "suddenly" fly out of a previously prepared gift box - a fascinating sight. Just specify all the nuances of the transportation and awakening of the butterflies (they sleep in the cold, and for the spectacular gift of the butterflies one should wake up, having previously "warmed up" the box). You can pack butterflies in one big box or give each guest a small one. The most spectacular will be exactly the "salute" - butterflies released out of the box at the same time. For example, during the first dance of the newlyweds.

  • Gift certificates (for good dishes, furniture, household appliances, etc.). Of course, we decorate the gift in the most unusual way - we give it to the designer or turn on the fantasy. For example, in a basket with 2 personalized glasses made to order, a bottle of expensive champagne and sweets / fruits. Or in a designer box filled with dried flowers.
  • A picture of the newlyweds. Of course, we work for the positive - we materialize the dream of the newlyweds. That is, the dream of the newlyweds in the picture must be present on a mandatory basis. The form can be any - in the form of a cartoon, a huge canvas for half a wall, or an "antique" picture. We select the frame according to the content, and on the reverse side of the picture - the secret with the envelope "Family stash".

  • Horseshoe for good luck.The gift will be original if you approach its creation with imagination. Let it be a horseshoe made of precious metal. Or as in the old days - from blued steel. We make out solidly, we supplement with an original greeting and a toy from flowers (we order it in any floristic salon with an eye on hobbies of the newlyweds).

And do not forget to "cast a bait" to future spouses. It is possible that they are dreaming about quite traditional things - for example, a home brewery, a huge TV, or a honeymoon tour of the Golden Ring of Russia.

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