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Why dream of a bear girl

Different dream books ambiguously interpret dreams with bears. By interpreting why a bear is dreaming of a girl, you can choose the situation that is closer to your life.

Bear in the dreams of a girl on the psychological dream

The bear personifies the struggle. If he won, killed the bear, then there is a way out of a difficult situation.

The skin of a polar bear speaks of victory over all enemies, and living will become a symbol of deception, probably soon you will make wrong conclusions and feel the bitterness of disappointment. Bears in dreams always symbolize a rival in heart matters.

Interpretation of a dream with a bear in a girl according to Miller

He believed that bear means strength and resilience. If a bear appeared in a dream, it means that the girl tends to take a leading position. Killing a bear, you solve your problem, and his attack or your run foreshadow the appearance of a rival. A bear wound is a sign of bad luck.

Dream Vanga - why dream of a bear girl?

Wang saw in the bear malice and cruelty, his appearance in a dream does not bode well. Enough to hear the roar of a bear to make a conclusion about the danger. The attacking bear personifies enemies who can ruin your life badly. Killing a bear is your revenge, which you will have to pay for in the future.

How Freud interpreted dreams with bears

The desire to win the love of a person who does not reciprocate is reflected in his dreams of a bear hunt. It may be worth changing the line of conduct, becoming softer so that the person will pay attention to you.

Unhealthy beast says indecision and problems when communicating with the opposite sex. Fighting a bear - choose a husband who looks like a father. And running from a bear means wanting to have sex in the wrong place.

What does a bear mean in a dream according to Modern Dream?

The bear symbolizes the struggle in different spheres of life. The appearance of a bear will result in the appearance of a rival in real life. Hunting a bear means to achieve the location of a loved one.

If the bear was killed by you, then you will cope with the problem, seemingly not solved. A wounded bear speaks of human complexes that he cannot get rid of on his own.

Dreamed of a bear girl in a dream - the dream book of Nostradamus

If a woman saw a bear, then he possessed the qualities of her ideal man, it is worth analyzing the dream.

The girl saw the bear - dream lofa

An adult bear shows a girl’s rejection of weaker people. Bear cubs will tell about confusion, you cannot decide what to do in a disputable situation. A bear with cubs reflect weak-mindedness, dependence on a certain person and insecurity, it is worth taking more initiative.

Ancient dream book - bears in a dream

A bear can personify both force and evil, both wisdom and stupidity. If in a dream there is a fight with a bear, then a strong enemy will soon appear; pretending to be dead before a bear - be smart at the right time.

Victory and loss in the battle with the bear reflect the same in real life. You will see the lair - wait for the lair, and take off the bear skin - quarrel with relatives.

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