Detox diet - nutrition to cleanse the body

According to many physicians, one of the main causes of poor health, reduced performance, frequent colds, chronic fatigue and premature aging is contamination of the body with toxins, heavy metals and slags. Bad habits, unhealthy diet, abuse of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle lead to this. To improve the condition of the body, it must be periodically cleaned. The best helper will be a detox diet - nutrition, aimed at ridding all systems and organs of harmful substances.

What gives a detox diet

A clogged organism is forced to work with a double load. Especially from the harmful substances suffer the liver, intestines, kidneys and gall bladder. Detox program allows you to rid the body of dangerous products and improve the composition of the blood. Organs begin to work better, accelerates metabolism, increases immunity and tone. After cleansing the body is renewed and rejuvenated, there is a feeling of lightness and a burst of energy, skin condition improves and weight is reduced.

Principles of detox diet

There are many diets for cleansing the body, for example, rice, watermelon, juice, not the exception is the medical fasting or fasting days on herbal infusions, kefir and apples. Each of these nutritional principles can be attributed to a detox program, as they cleanse the body. We consider the classic version of a cleansing diet.

Preparatory stage

Cleaning the body is an important process. To make it as efficient and painless as possible, it is recommended to prepare for it. About a month before the program starts, it is necessary to reduce the use of harmful food, alcohol, soda, fatty and meat dishes. 1-2 weeks before the course you should refuse from the food and drink listed and exclude from the diet cheeses, pickles, eggs, dairy products, coffee, sweets and pastries. In parallel with this, try to eat more plant foods.

Detox diet

The duration of the detox diet can be different: from 3 to 10 days, sometimes even a month. 3 days is enough for cleansing the body, after 5 days the regenerative functions are activated, and after 10 there is a cleansing and renewal of blood and lymph.

Purifying food should include the daily use of a glass of water with the addition of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It must be drunk every morning on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you can stick to one of the proposed detox diet options.

Option number 1 - weekly diet

  • Diet of the first day should consist of drinks. These can be natural juices made from fruits or vegetables, clean water, decoction of fennel, rosehip or St. John's wort, as well as all sorts of herbal teas. Useful for cleansing pumpkin juice and watermelon.
  • On the second and subsequent day Fruits, preferably soft, for example, mango, peach, apricot, plum are entered in the menu.
  • On the third day You can add fresh vegetables.
  • For four days The ration is enriched with boiled vegetables and brown rice.
  • On the fifth day It is allowed to eat boiled and fresh vegetables, fruits, as well as raw nuts and seeds, for example, pumpkins.
  • On the sixth day The ration is enriched with cereals, yoghurts and kefir.
  • On the last seventh day diet menu, you must enter the lean fish, which can be eaten with vegetable salads and cereals.

Option number 2 - three-day diet

  • First day For breakfast, you must drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice from any berries or fruits, except citrus. The next meal should consist of juice prepared from one fruit and three vegetables. For lunch, eat a small portion of steamed vegetables and 300 gr. soup made from corn, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and seasoned with spices and apple cider vinegar. At lunch you can drink a glass of any juice. The evening menu should consist of green salad and a portion of vegetable soup.
  • On the second day It is necessary to use only juices and vegetable soup, which is recommended to eat 1 serving in the afternoon, and 2 in the evening.
  • On the third day in the morning you need to eat a small portion of baked fruit, all other meals should comply with the diet of the first day.

After the end of the program should not immediately eat prohibited foods. Try to keep to a vegetable diet for another 1-2 weeks and gradually introduce the usual dishes into the diet. You can spend a cleansing diet 1-2 times in six months.

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