Games to help children learn to read

Giving knowledge in the form of a game will help to make acquaintance with letters and words easy and effective. To make it easier for the child to learn to read, it is necessary to develop auditory attention, as well as to know and distinguish sounds.

Sound games

For the development of auditory attention, offer the child a game:

  1. Take a few items or toys with which you can make different sounds, for example, a tambourine, a drum, a bell, a rattle, a pipe, a spoon, a wooden spatula. Lay them on the table and demonstrate to the child what sounds can be extracted from them: blow the whistle, knock on the table with a spoon.
  2. Offer to do the same to the child. When he has played enough, ask him to turn away and extract one sound, let the child guess which item you used. You can invite him to check the correctness of the answer and extract the sound from the object that he indicated. Gradually complicate the game and make several sounds in a row.

In teaching reading, the child’s ability to distinguish between sounds or determine their presence in a word is useful. To teach this kid, you can offer him reading games:

  • Unusual football. Assign the kid as a goalkeeper and explain to him that instead of the ball you will “throw” words into the goal. If there is a sound in the named word that you agree on with the baby, he must catch the word by clapping his hands. Speak the words clearly and clearly, so it will be easier for the child to hear all the sounds. To make it easier for the crumbs to cope with the task, let him say the specified sound several times.
  • Choose a name. Lay small toys or pictures on the table. Invite the child to say their names and select those with a given sound.

Educational games for reading

Magic letters

The game requires training. Cut out 33 squares of white paper or cardboard. On each of them, draw a letter with white chalk wax or regular candles. Give the child one or more squares - it will depend on how many letters you decide to learn, a brush and paint. Suggest your child to color the square in the color you like. When the child starts to draw, the letter written in wax will not be painted over and will appear on the general background, surprising and delighting the child.

Find the letter

Another entertaining reading game that will help you learn how to relate words and letters. Prepare a few cards, which will be displayed simple and understandable objects. Write a few letters near the items. Give the child one card, let him try to find the letter with which the word begins. It is important that the child understands what is depicted on the card.

Making beads

You will need square beads, you can find them in handicraft shops or make them from salt dough or polymer clay. Draw letters on the beads with a marker and place them in front of the child. Write the word on paper, give the child a piece of soft wire or cord, and offer him, stringing the letter beads on them, to collect the same word. Such games that teach reading, will help not only in the study of letters and making words, but also in the development of fine motor skills.

Reading words

It is now fashionable to teach children global reading, when they read the whole words at once, bypassing syllables. This method will work if learning begins with short three-letter words that are accompanied by an illustration. Make cards with pictures and cards with inscriptions to them, for example, cancer, mouth, bull, wasp. Ask the child to pick the word for the appropriate image, while letting him say it out loud. When the baby learns to do it without mistakes, try removing the pictures and have them read the remaining inscriptions.

Guess the subject

Choose for the game small toys or objects whose names consist of 3-4 letters, for example, a ball, a ball, a cat, a house, a dog. Put them in an opaque bag, then ask the child to touch to identify the item. When he guesses it and calls it out loud, suggest putting out his name from small squares of paper with letters. To make it easier, give the right letters yourself, let the child place them in the correct order. Similar games for learning to read can be made more interesting and fun if you use cubes to make words.

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