What you need to open a photo studio and how to unleash a business in a crisis?

Photography is always in demand services. Profit in this business sector directly depends on the initiative and creativity of its owner. When opening a photo studio, of course, a more successful start will be given by large financial investments and established connections in business, but this is not a guarantee of further successful existence in the market of services. And with minimal investment it is quite possible to achieve a good monetary return - there would be a desire.

What do you need to open a photo studio and how much will it cost?

Let's organize a photo studio from scratch - where to start a business?

For successful business development it is necessary to have relevant information. This article contains information and analyzes the activities of the largest photo studios in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. Based on them, tips were drawn up for entrepreneurs who decided to organize a business in the field of photography. Information will help circumvent the pitfalls and create a business that makes a profit.

Having decided to open a photo studio, an entrepreneur must decide on the form of ownership. For business, the opening of the IP or the creation of LLC. The photo studio carries out work mainly with individuals. For this reason, it is better to open the PI. The form of ownership requires a smaller package of documents.

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To register as an entrepreneur, you will need to submit to the registration authority:

  • Statement.
  • Receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of 800 rubles.
  • Copy INN.
  • A copy of the passport.

Taxation for a photo studio can be carried out by the USN and UTII. The documents submitted for registration should be accompanied by a statement of the desire to make payments to the state under the chosen system.

Having chosen the form of ownership, the entrepreneur will need to collect package of documents.

The list includes:

  1. Documents confirming registration in tax.
  2. Permission from SES.
  3. Fire brigade clearance.
  4. Permission to conduct business.
  5. Identity card of the owner of the business.

Having finished with the legal component, the entrepreneur must decide on the format of the business.

There are:

  • Professional photo studio.
  • Photo shop
  • Home photo studio.
  • Delivery of equipment for rent.


  1. Professional photo studiooffers customers a full range of services. Here are shooting with qualified professionals. Business will require high investment, but will bring high income.
  2. Photo salonsprovide services for the implementation of photographs on the documents. Business does not require high costs, but it will not bring high income. Salons are usually organized on the basis of companies that are engaged in printing photos.
  3. Home Photography Studioallows you to save significantly. Rent a room is not required. However, most often the type of business is considered as a hobby of the owner, bringing a small income. To attract customers, the entrepreneur will need to invest additional funds in advertising.
  4. Equipment rental can only serve as a form of additional income. High profit type of business will not bring.

Where better to open a photo studio - choose a place and room

The room for the photo studio should be chosen as close as possible to the center. The street on which the building is located must have a high cross. Next to it should be parking and public transport.

For the normal functioning of the photo studio will require the roomat least 60 square meters. 45 of them should be allocated directly under the place where the survey will be carried out. Lighting is very difficult to place on a smaller area. On the remaining space should be located workplace administrator.

When choosing a room for a photo studio, special attention should be paid ceiling height. It should be at least 3-3.5 m. This is necessary for comfortable placement of equipment and work with light. For this reason, to place a photo studio in a regular apartment will not succeed.

In the selected room should definitely carry out repairs. Without him, organize a professional photo studio will not work. Wallcoverings should choose the same tone.

For decoration, it is better to choose one of the following colors:

  1. White.
  2. Gray.
  3. The black.

Walls of white color allow you to achieve an expensive shine when shooting jewelry. Black coating in the design of this effect does not, but at the time of shooting does not appear unwanted glare. Gray allows you to take pictures without changing the color temperature.

The final color choice remains with the owner of the studio.

The floors must be dark in color and have a durable coating. Permanent relocation of equipment will scratch them - and the floors will quickly lose their appearance.

During the repair should pre-plan equipment placement. This is necessary for the placement of outlets.

Wiring must be of high quality. During the photo shoots it will have a high load.

Indoors must have utility rooms. Must be equipped with:

  • Dressing room.
  • A place to store props.
  • Bathroom.
  • Kitchen.

The cost of renting a room depends on the city where the photo studio is located, and its proximity to the center.

So, for Moscow The cost of renting an office for a photo studio starts from 1,500 rubles per square meter. m for St. Petersburg - from 1 000 rubles, for Kazan - from 800 rubles.

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What equipment needs to be purchased for a photo studio?

To start the operation of the photo studio will require:

  1. Camera.
  2. Lighting equipment.
  3. Lens.
  4. Computer.
  5. Accessories.

The photo studio cannot function without good camera. However, at the start you should not buy the most expensive one.

For professional photography, Canon EOS 60D Body is suitable. To purchase it, you will have to pay about 45,000 rubles.

In addition to the camera will have to purchase lens. He allows to carry out sequential shooting.

When the photo studio is just beginning to develop, the acquisition of Canon EF 24-70 mm f / 2.8L USM will do. To purchase it you will need to spend about 100,000 rubles.

As lighting equipment At the initial stage of the photo studio work, at least 4 light sources with a minimum power of 500 joules each are needed.

Equipment manufacturers that have proven themselves to be reliable are:

  • Hensel.
  • Bowens.

The price of their equipment starts from 40,000 for 1 light fixture.

Tripods are purchased separately. For 1 will have to pay about 25 000 rubles.

Computer required to perform proprofessional photo processing. Powerful equipment is required. To purchase it will have to spend about 50 000 rubles.

In addition to the main equipment, for the photo studio you will need to purchase accessories. For normal operation it is necessary:

  • Blinds.
  • Backgrounds
  • Reflectors.
  • Softboxes
  • Flash meter
  • Cellular attachment.

In total, the equipment will have to spend about 500,000 rubles.

What staff is needed to work in a photo studio?

For the normal functioning of the photo studio will require:

  1. Photographer.
  2. Specialist processing photographs.
  3. Administrator.

Photographer deals directly with the filming. The level of customer satisfaction depends on his professionalism. Photographer for the studio can be found on the thematic forums. Choose a specialist should be based on his portfolio. A professional photographer will increase customer confidence in the photo studio. The specialist receives a salary and a percentage of the work performed. To create an attractive environment for the employee, he should pay from 35 to 50 thousand monthly.

Photo Processing Specialist engaged in professional processing of images in specialized programs. With an appropriate level of skill, the photographer himself can do this.

To the list of functions that the administrator must perform, includes the implementation of the reception of applications for filming, the resolution of controversial issues and periodic viewing of thematic forums. The specialist should take part in discussions and unobtrusively advertise studio services. This will allow additional customers. The optimal salary for the administrator is a salary of 25-30 thousand.

In addition to the above specialists, the studio must be composed contract with a makeup artist. He is called just before the shooting and is engaged in applying makeup. The price of a specialist’s hour is about 1 000 rubles.

Photo studios need an accountant. His responsibilities include reporting. And solving financial issues. To save money, you can hire a specialist who will deal with the affairs of the organization 2-3 times a week. Moreover, his salary should be 10-15 thousand.

Advertising and marketing: how to promote a photo studio?

To promote a photo studio, the main focus should be on the Internet. The organization must have own websitewhere there is information about the services provided, their cost and location of the studio. Ready site can be ordered from experts. Its cost is about 30,000 rubles.

Photo studio must have own group in social networks. To create an attachment is not required. It should also contain information about the list and cost of services, the location of the organization. Here, with the consent of the clients, you should post the results of the photo shoots already held. The group should be managed by the administrator.

The photo studio should be involved in photo shows or organize your own. This will have a positive effect on the image of the organization and will attract additional customers.

To disseminate information about the organization, you can use information brochures and business cards. Paper advertising should be left in shopping centers, not far from the places where the equipment for carrying out photography is sold. For the production and distribution of print advertising monthly will have to spend about 10 000 rubles.

First customers can be purchased by contacting advertising firms. They often receive assignments for filming, but they do not have their own studios. For this reason, most tasks are outsourced.

When a photo studio manages to earn a name for itself, the need for active advertising will disappear. Attracting new customers will occur through the dissemination of information through the word of mouth.

We make a business plan for a photo studio: an example of calculating income and expenses, profitability and payback period

To open a photo studio you will need at least 1 million rubles.

Expenses for opening a photo studio (average):

NameAmount in rubles
Rent60 thousand
Repairs280 thousand
Purchase of equipment500 thousand
Staff salary100 thousand
Advertising10 thousand
Total 950 thousand

For 1 hour of shooting in average studios about 800 rubles are charged, for reporting - 1000 rubles.

Out of duty the room can be leased. Its cost ranges from 1,400 rubles per hour.

In addition to shooting in the studio, you can organize outdoor photo shoots for school, wedding and children's albums. The cost of the service starts from 3500 rubles.

After 1 year of work, with the successful development of the organization, the photo studio will bring about 550 thousand monthly.

The payback period at this level of profit will be approximately 1.5 years.

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