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How easy it is to keep a house clean - 10 practical tips

Keeping the house clean and tidy is a big problem. Especially when there are small children. However, there are some practical tips to help save time on cleaning. Naturally, you should also teach your children to help around the house. From an early age, give them simple tasks that they can handle.

In the room

  • Cover the bed as soon as you get up. Cleaning the bed is like a small morning exercise, which gives a charge of vivacity and helps to finally wake up.
  • Clean the nightstand every day. Keep wet wipes close by so you can wipe the surface in seconds. During cleaning this place will not have to pay extra attention.
  • Frequently check cabinets, fold in the clothes already folded. Be sure to allocate space for items that your family will no longer use. You can then give them away or sell them in a second-hand store.
  • Always put objects in their place. Scattered things themselves visually create chaos, and save valuable time for cleaning them.
  • Do not save dirty laundry, so as not to devote all weekend wash. After washing and drying the laundry, resist the temptation to throw everything into a corner and forget. You optimize time, if you immediately disassemble and put dry clothes on the drawers.

In the bathroom

  • If you spend a few minutes after a shower and quickly wipe all surfaces with a sponge, you don’t have to scrub the bathroom and walls from stains at the weekend. Simply apply the cleaner, leave for a while and wash it off.
  • Clean up on the shelf in the bathroom before going to bed every day. Scattered toiletries and hair turn the shelf into horror. And so that the stains from the cosmetics do not dry, clean them every evening.

Another good tip: to get all things in place, purchase different containers. Use them to store food, toys, school and toiletries or cosmetics.

On the kitchen

  • Make a good rule: everyone washes the dishes he uses. If your children are already adults, they should wash their plates, at least in the morning and after school. When you return home, you will not have to wait for a full sink of dirty dishes.
  • Clean the oven after each use, wipe the tile over the stove and sink after cooking.

Be sure to involve households in cleaning. No one should be overloaded with housework. You can assign responsibilities to all family members according to your strengths and abilities. If everyone takes care of their space, they will no longer scatter things and litter on the floor. Households will understand how important it is to keep the house clean.