What causes cracks and sores on the lips?

Weathered lips, accompanied by cracks and pain, sometimes cause a lot of problems. Very often, such an attack occurs not only in winter and off-season, but even in summer. Just hygienic lipstick is not always effective in the advanced stage. The sense from them is only in preventive drawing, before an exit to the street. Find out what else is effective with chapped lips. It is very useful to know the causes and measures that should be applied in order to get rid of such a nuisance.

The content of the article: 

1. The most common cause can be bad. habit of biting and licking lips. If you do it in the wind, then peeling and cracks in the lips are simply provided. The same thing will happen if there is moisture on the street, let's say when bathing on the beach.

Ways of struggle:

In order to prevent this trouble, you should regularly use hygienic lipstick with a moisturizing effect. For the winter, it is worth buying a more fat lipstick. Such lipstick helps to avoid drying out the delicate skin of the lips. It is necessary to get rid of the habit of licking, biting and even nibbling on the lips, even if it seems to you that this way you remove dead skin particles.

2. Lips may crack when use of expired or simply low-quality cosmetics and accompanied by inflammation of not only the skin of the lips, but also their rims, as well as in the case of lips getting sunburn, which is determined by the clearly visible swelling of the lips.

Ways of struggle:

It is necessary, of course, to determine which particular agent from your cosmetics you applied before the appearance of dry lips, and to exclude it from use. In this case, the use of corticosteroid ointment will help. If it is a sunburn, then you can use a baby cream for treatment. In either case, for the purpose of prophylaxis, it is worth purchasing a special neutral hygienic lipstick, preferably containing a UV complex.

3. Sometimes flaking and, as a result, cracks in the lips may appear as a result of viral or infectious diseases. This can be determined by the occurrence of burning sensation and the formation of small bubbles in certain places on the lips.

Ways of struggle:

In this case, you should not avoid a visit to the doctor, who will prescribe the correct treatment. 

4.  Lack of vitaminsIn particular, A and B may also cause chapping and cracking of the lips. In addition, periodic eruptions along the contour of the lips can be noticed, which appear and disappear spontaneously, without any periodicity or regularity.

Ways of struggle:

It is advisable, again, to consult a doctor to get tested and find out for sure what substance your body lacks, but you can drink a course of multivitamin preparations with trace elements.

5. Not the most common cause is chemical exposure in the form spicy or sour foods, while the so-called difficult-to-heal "zadyd" - painful cracks in the corners of the lips.

Ways of struggle:

It is necessary to limit the excessive consumption of aggressive foods. Syntomycin ointment may be used for treatment.

6. Have people prone to allergies, there may be a reaction in the form of irritation and cracks in the most sensitive places, including on the lips.

Ways of struggle:

In that case, if the cause of cracks is precisely in an allergic reaction, then allergenic products should be abandoned, for example, chocolate, honey, nuts, cocoa, etc.


I usually use candied honey. I apply it on the lips and massage it. This method helps to get rid of dead skin on the lips. Then grease with olive oil, and if not, then the usual hygienic lipstick, but better still oil. After such procedures, even the color of the lips as it comes to life.


My brother often has this problem. Lips cracking to the blood, not the most pleasant sight. He only helps tetracycline ointment, you only need to smear it 4 times a day. I also heard about sea buckthorn ointment, but I do not know how well it is in solving such a problem.


In my arsenal there is an excellent cream Bepanten. I am saving them all winter. It is made on the basis of dexpanthenol. So you can use any cream with its content, for example, D-Panthenol. In general, I know that if weathered lips do not heal for a very long time, then this is most likely not the wind to blame. Very often the cause is a lack of vitamins or trace elements. In this case, it is worth drinking a course of some multivitamin complexes. 

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