Celandine warts

From ancient times to the present day, the healing properties of celandine are known and highly valued. The Latin name of the celandine "chelidonium" is translated as "the gift of the sky." Its juice can cure more than 250 skin diseases, as well as some diseases of internal organs. But the most popular application of this miraculous plant was in the fight against warts, so that it received the second name - the wart. How to apply the celandine from warts, how quickly it will help and will it help at all? Let's figure it out.

How to carry out the treatment and removal of warts celandine

Before you start treating warts with celandine, remember that you are dealing with a poisonous plant, so you need to follow safety measures. First, you must lubricate the skin around the wart with oil or cream to protect it from burns. Then gently apply the juice of celandine to the wart using a cotton swab, or squeeze it directly from the stem. Next, you need to wait for complete drying and apply the juice another 2-3 times with short time intervals. The juice is quickly absorbed and begins treatment from the inside. If you carry out at least two such procedures daily, then the warts should fall off after 5 days. Also, the warts before lubrication is recommended to steam out and remove pieces of cornified skin from them.

Positive points - this method of removing skin tumors leaves no scars and marks and is suitable for children, because it is completely painless. But do not forget to thoroughly wash their hands after each use of celandine.

What warts can you remove celandine?

Before proceeding with the treatment and removal of warts with celandine, you should make sure that these are really warts and not other dangerous diseases disguised as ordinary warts. It is worth seriously thinking if the warts itch, ache, bleed, their number increases. If the borders of the wart are fuzzy or it quickly changes color, size and shape, this is also a cause for concern. You can not remove the warts in the genital area. In any case, for your own safety, you first need to contact a dermatologist, pass a blood test for viruses. If the doctor confirms that your problem is only a wart, you can try treatment with celandine.

Mountain celandine from warts

For the treatment of warts, it is the juice of the mountain celandine that has a bright orange color. It can be obtained in two ways: squeezing out a fresh cut bush to a sore spot right away, which is not always possible, or make juice from it. Juice can be stored in a bottle for a long time, and it will always be at hand.

To prepare celandine juice for prolonged storage, you need to pry the plant out of the ground, and, after washing and removing the dried parts, scroll the whole shrub in the meat grinder along with the roots and flowers. The resulting mass of dark green, squeeze, pour liquid into a dark vial with a tight stopper. The juice will begin to ferment, and you will need to periodically, once in two days, carefully screw the lid and release the gases. After some time, the fermentation will stop, the bottle can be closed and put away in a dark cool place (but not in the refrigerator!). You can keep it up to five years. A cloudy precipitate will fall to the bottom - this is a natural process, but it should not be used.

Means with celandine warts

Pharmacists have taken care of us and created a lot of warts, which include extracts from celandine. On sale you can find similar ointments, balms. Produced and completely natural product containing the juice of celandine and several auxiliary herbs. It is called "Mountain celandine" and is available in 1.2 ml ampoules. Care should be taken to the means in which natural ingredients are not included, but only sound in the title. Often the price for them is too high, and the quality is far from high.

Warts prevention

The appearance of warts is caused by the papilloma virus that has entered the human body. The virus can be in a passive state for quite a long time and manifest itself at the moment when the immune system is weakened, as happens in stressful situations. Or this virus may not appear at all. However, in order to avoid its penetration into the body, it is necessary to follow simple rules of hygiene: do not wear long, dense shoes, do not walk barefoot in public showers, do not use other people's shoes and clothes. It is advisable to avoid touching the warts of another person. And, most importantly, monitor your immunity and maintain high health, so as not to give chances to viruses.

Celandine from warts - reviews


Suddenly a wart appeared on the arm. In his youth, too, were, drove grass - celandine. And then it was winter - the celandine could not be reached, I decided to buy the “Superpistotel” product at the pharmacy. The composition was disappointing - solid chlorides, hydroxides, and there is no trace of natural plant juice. But still decided to take a chance, I will probably regret my whole life! ... I did everything according to the instructions, but the strongest burn was received. The wart turned into a terrible scab and festered for more than a week. Two months later, she healed, but the scar remained as if from a serious burn. I think it will not work anymore ... Advice to everyone: avoid such low-quality chemistry! Better to a beauty salon - they even give a guarantee.


Yes, the juice of a fresh plant copes with warts "on time"! Not once resorted to his help. Just a few days, and forgot that this place was once a wart. I did not buy the funds, but I heard from my friends that not all are good. Complained of pain and burns. It is better to stock up on summer juice if you know that you have a tendency to similar problems. Well, or engage in breeding only in the summer, in the winter - endure ...


Warts often appeared in childhood. On the advice of my grandmother, he took them out with fresh celandine - tore off the plant and dripped on the wart. Passed quickly. Then, apparently, the body got stronger and stopped “collecting the infection”. My advice to everyone: strengthen immunity, harden, and no warts will bother you! All health!

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