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Salad with radish and cabbage

Radish and cabbage salad is a good combination of low-calorie, healthy vegetables. Vegetables can be flavored with various dressings and served as a separate dish or side dish for meat.

As an independent snack, a large cup of chopped fresh vegetables without dressing (100 grams of cabbage and 100 grams of radishes) will be just 46 kcal.

To get tasty and healthy food, choose country vegetables for cooking, not store. They usually have a brighter taste, a characteristic "crisp" and juiciness.

Simple but delicious salad with radishes and cabbage

Cabbage salad with radish is easy to prepare. It can be cut in just a few minutes.

How to cook:

  1. Cabbage previously cleaned from flaccid and spoiled sheets. All the plugs will not be needed, cut from it a little less than half.
  2. Chop the cabbage with a sharp knife to make a shallow straw. You can resort to the help of various kitchen devices: a combine, a Korean grater and a mechanical shredder.
  3. Wash the radish, remove the tops and cut off the ends, chop up into half rings.
  4. Salt the crushed ingredients lightly, mash well and mix with your hands.

It is more convenient to do this in a large cup, after the salad you can put it in a beautiful vase.

The final touch is the sauce: here you can choose everything that is at hand.

Variation with red cabbage

Red cabbage is less commonly used for raw salads than white cabbage. It has a special flavor that will not please every consumer. But it looks great in vegetable cuts!

Cooking principle traditional:

  1. Products are crushed.
  2. Salt.
  3. Give a little stand.

The warmer the room, the faster the cabbage and the radish will settle and sap. On average, it will take 10-12 minutes.

If you get very juicy forks, then there will be a lot of liquid in the cup. In this case, the dressing can be used to a minimum or to prepare it on the basis of merged juice.

With the addition of cucumbers

Bright taste of the salad will give cucumbers, chopped straw. It is best to take large, fleshy vegetables for a dish. If you are going to add cucumber to the dish, be sure to try if its skin is bitter. If bitterness is present, then the cucumber is better to clear.

Small cucumbers can be chopped as well as radishes - half rings.

It is not necessary to mix cucumbers together with cabbage and radish, they are too tender, and without additional processing they will give juice.

The ideal dressing for this variety of fresh salad is dairy products.

With eggs

Salad of radish and cabbage can be made more nutritious by adding boiled eggs. And fit not only chicken, but also quail. They are cut into halves, as a decoration of the dish.

The principle of cooking is similar to any other. In the final, just before dressing, peeled eggs should be grated or finely chopped.

Different greens look good in this combination: onion, parsley, basil, arugula, dill, etc.

The perfect salad dressing

You can fill in fresh spring salad in several ways. If the vegetables are juicy by themselves, then just sprinkle them with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

The ingredients are perfectly combined with various vegetable oils. Depending on which oil you like best, we can fill the dish with sunflower (refined or with a smell), olive or flax.

Among the fermented milk products, which you can fill the salad, you should prefer low-fat sour cream or cream.

The mix will be especially tasty if you fill it with kefir or unsweetened yogurt. In this case, you need to additionally season the dish with salt, pepper and spices to your taste. With this option, fresh and dried herbs are well combined.

The most high-calorie dressing of cabbage and radish salad is mayonnaise. But it is better not to buy the shop, and make a sauce of eggs, butter and mustard alone. Homemade mayonnaise is much more useful than its store counterparts.

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