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When is Easter celebrated in 2018?

The most important day of the year for the whole Christian world is the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This event is the main doctrine of religion and symbolizes the kingdom of God on earth and the victory of faith over reason.

The bright Resurrection of Christ or the feast of Easter is celebrated by believers with special joy and trembling of the soul. Church bells ring, without stopping, throughout the day. People greeting each other, exclaim: "Christ is risen!". And in return, they receive confirmation of faith: "Verily He is Risen!"

According to the teachings of Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, buried, and on the third day he rose from the dead. Having ascended to heaven, the Son of God created the Church there, into which the souls of the righteous fall after death. The miracle that occurred in different gospels is not only a religious, but also a historical event. Until now, scientists have failed to refute the fact of the resurrection of Christ, and the historical reality of the person of Jesus of Nazareth is practically not subject to doubt.

The history of the holiday of Easter

The Israelites celebrated Easter before Christmas. This holiday is associated with the time of the liberation of the Jewish people from the Egyptian yoke. In order to protect his firstborn, the Lord demanded that the shoals of dwellings be daubed with the blood of a young lamb sacrificed to God.

Kara heavenly befell every firstborn from man to cattle, but passed by the Jewish houses marked with the blood of the sacrificial lamb. After the execution, the Egyptian pharaoh released the Jews, thereby giving the Jewish people long-awaited freedom.

The word "Easter" is derived from the Hebrew "Pesach" - bypass, bypass, pass by. A tradition has been formed to celebrate Easter every year, sacrificing a lamb to evoke heavenly grace.

In the New Testament, it is believed that through his suffering, blood and crucifixion on the cross, Jesus Christ suffered for the salvation of the whole human race. The Lamb of God sacrificed himself in order to wash away human sins and give eternal life.

Preparing for the celebration of Easter

In order to prepare and approach the celebration of Easter with a pure soul, observance of Lent is provided for by all confessions.

Lent is a set of restrictive measures of a spiritual and physical nature, the observance of which helps a Christian to reunite with God in his soul and strengthen his faith in the Most High. During this period, the faithful are advised to attend church services, read the gospel, pray for the salvation of their soul and neighbors, and avoid entertainment. Special restrictions prescribed believers in the diet.

Observance of Lent is established for all Christians, but the way to prepare for the Easter holiday for each direction is different.

In terms of food restrictions, the Orthodox fast is considered the most stringent. It is allowed to eat only products of plant origin. The fasting menu includes cereals, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, nuts, honey, and bread. Relaxation in the form of fish dishes are allowed during the celebrations of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos and Palm Resurrection. In Lazarus Saturday, you can include caviar in the diet.

The last week before Easter is called Passion. It matters every day, but the main preparation for Easter begins on Maundy Thursday. According to the Slavic traditions, Orthodox people clean up their homes on this day and clean up the surrounding space. Cooking Easter meals also begin on Thursday before the resurrection of Christ.

Mandatory components of the menu in Easter are:

  • painted and / or painted eggs;
  • Kulich - a product of a cylindrical shape of sweet dough with raisins, the upper part of which is covered with glaze;
  • cottage cheese Easter - raw or boiled dessert in the shape of a truncated curd pyramid with cream, butter, raisins and other fillers.

Light painted eggs, Easter cakes and Easter on Holy Saturday in the church, on the eve of the feast of the Resurrection of Christ.

When is Easter celebrated in 2018?

Many believers are interested in how many Easter will be celebrated in 2018.

Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter at different times. This is due to the various calendars used for calculus. The Orthodox use the more ancient Julian calendar, and the Catholics use the Gregorian calendar, approved in 1582 by Pope Gregory the Thirteenth.

In 2018, for Orthodox Christians, Lent before Easter will last from February 19 to April 7. Holy Week, preceding the Resurrection of Christ, falls on the period from April 1 to 7. And the Easter week, which is supposed to continue the celebration, will come on April 9 and extend the joyful time until April 15.

The Orthodox will celebrate Easter on April 8, 2018.

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