Italian bags and accessories Renato Angi: news, quality, reviews

It is no secret that Italy is considered to be the leading manufacturer of leather goods, be it bags, gloves, belts or wallets. Renato Angi's brand maintains this reputation, rightly considered one of the best Italian manufacturers of women's handbags.

Bags, accessories Renato Аngi - history and features of the brand

This company was founded by a Venetian Renato Anji - designer, stylist, artist. The brand gained popularity overnight thanks to its extravagantly exquisite models with unusual design solutions.
Features brand Renato Аngidistinguishing designer bags are:

  • High quality and the use of the latest achievements of science and technology in the field of leather processing;
  • Strictly Italian production: at a time when many brands prefer to transfer production to cheaper regions, Renato ngi was and remains in the full sense of the European brand;
  • Fresh design solutionscombining the latest fashion trends with original and recognizable design;
  • Using latest technology in the processing of the material;
  • Extravagance and refinement each model;
  • Combining incompatible: simplicity and pomp, severity and free uniqueness;
  • Original accessories, abundance of rhinestones, bright colors;
  • Variety of models, styles and styles, so that any woman always chooses a handbag for any occasion;
  • Stylish, taste and originality each model;
  • Spaciousness each bag with a very rational distribution of internal space and limit functionality.

Regardless of which case and for which category of women this or that model is released, Renato Аngi bags are immediately recognizable and attract attention.

For whom are the Renato Angi handbag collections made?

Renato Angi produces different line of women's bags in different price categories. In addition, in each new collection can be found as concise casual style bags for everyday life and trendy; bags for those who are not afraid to attract attention to themselves and for those who appreciate originality; bags for work and fashion party, for publication and for relaxing.
If you understand fashion and are not afraid to emphasize your individuality, Renato Àngi bags are your choice.

The most fashionable collection of bags Renato Angi

The original bag of classic black color is complemented by a rose made of genuine leather, immediately making the seemingly original design look original.
Wide handles, characteristic of almost all Renato Àngi models make it incredibly comfortablewhen worn in the hand as well extra belt on carbines allows you to carry a handbag on your shoulder as well. Bag closes with a zipper.
Very spacious, the bag inside has only the main compartment, complemented by a pocket for documents on the back wall and two pockets for small items and a mobile phone on the front. Just outside on the back there is an extra zip pocket.
At the bottom there metal legs.

The original black handbag, closes with a zipper. No décor, no accessories, and yet it attracts the eye precisely with its restraint and not quite the usual form.
Unadjustable handles complements belt with carbinesallowing you to carry a bag on your shoulder.
Inside the bag consists of only one department, but inside there are two pockets, allowing not to lose any of the little things necessary for every woman. Also available two external pockets.

This roomy bag with original fastenings of handles and the uniform sign also performed in a classic style.
Unregulated wide handles are long enough to carry a bag both on the crook of the arm and on the shoulder, but in addition the model is equipped detachable shoulder strap.
The bag is capacious, inside contains three main departments. Four inner pockets - one on the back of the bag, closed with a zipper, and three on the front - will always keep your belongings in perfect order.

The bag with the original design of genuine leather, stylish and restrained, in a classic black color.
Wide unregulated handles are long enough so that this handbag can be worn both in the crook of the arm and on the shoulder.
The bag is very roomy: one main section is supplemented one inner pocketHowever, this is quite enough to keep in order all the necessary things.

Price bags Renato Angi

The price range for Renato Angi products is quite wide: for women bags cost from 7390 to 22660 rubles.

Do you like Renato Angi bags? Real reviews

Irena, 26 years old.
Great bags. Genuine leather is very good quality and well-processed - there are no scratches from any touch, as it often happens, the paint does not peel off. And in the care of genuine leather is much easier and more convenient, and does not require special storage conditions.
Very pleased with the purchase - reasonable prices for excellent product quality, stylish and tasteful. Recommend.

Anna, 24 years old.
I heard a lot of positive feedback about the company. I also decided to buy a handbag, but the new collection was not at all impressed - it looks very ordinary. True, every day is fine: it looks expensive, stylish and in the office is quite appropriate. And the quality is really excellent, and by the way is important - roomy and not deformed, as much as it does not put.

Olga, 32 years old.
Very pleased with the goods of this company. I discovered a brand for myself not so long ago, and now - its ardent fan. It’s great that Moscow’s Renato Àngi store has finally opened in Moscow - and the range is much broader than in multibrand stores, and it’s much more convenient to choose.
Separately, I want to say about quality. Excellent is not the right word! The skin itself is of high quality, the dressing is excellent, the paint is resistant - neither I, nor any of my friends have ever encountered that the bag faded or shed, or the paint peeled off.
The models are also very diverse, and their handles are very comfortable - wide and rather long - it is comfortable to wear both in your hand and on your shoulder.
In general, if you buy a bag from Renato Аngi - you will definitely not regret it!

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