The most fashionable wedding dresses 2013

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding and fabulous fashionable wedding dress. It is clear that a wedding is, first of all, a day of unity of two lovers in love, but who will deny itself the pleasure of feeling like a real princess. Fashion changes according to time. And wedding dresses are no exception. What wedding dresses do designers offer us in 2013?

Wedding dress styles 2013

  • Mermaid. This style remains the main trend of 2013. Only the length of the train is further increased, and the skirts from the knee to the floor are more voluminous. Also, designers added a number of ruches and frills, created wider straps, which are often lowered over one shoulder. The most popular sophisticated A-line dresses.
  • Completely straight or slightly widening towards the hem of the dress - strict, simple and elegant, allowing to focus on the face and slim figure of the bride.
  • Dresses bustier. Emphasize the open shoulders, neckline, elegance of female hands and a thin neck. Such dresses will suit almost all brides.
  • Ease and simplicity. Aerial draperies and multi-layered frills. The top of the dress is free from unnecessary weight. The hem is made of chiffon.
  • Wedding dresses transformers with removable parts - skirts and capes. The bride can change her image during the day, according to the situation. The length of the skirt can be changed with one hand movement.
  • Collar collar. An alternative to traditional dress cutouts. This collar is good for slender brides and for brides with lush breasts. Collar decoration with embroidery or rhinestones is allowed.
  • Dress with open back. Most beautiful if the neckline is decorated with embroidery or lace.
  • Basque dresses. The fabric (Basque) is sewn to the waist as a frill. This dress will suit the bride with slender hips.
  • Lace dresses. The harmonious combination of tradition and modern trends. Lace can be a classic white, and color, and with financial possibilities - handmade.
  • Dresses with a strap. Emphasize the fineness of the neck and the elegance of the shoulders.
  • Dresses with stones and embroidery. Bright outfits, emphasis on color or rhinestones, perfect cut.

Wedding Dresses 2013. Shades

  • White wedding dress - This is a well-known classic. The color of purity and innocence, which is used for wedding attire from ancient times. Nowadays, many brides want to move away from the usual traditions, choosing a dress of the color that best suits the state of mind and fashion trends.
  • Red. The color of passion. Bright red wedding dress is probably the most shocking option, very popular in 2013. Such dresses tend to use skirts made of tulle and organza for the effect of airiness.
  • Also relevant burgundy, brown, gold and black - stylish, attractive and original. Especially in combination with a short skirt length.
  • If, however, a white traditional dress is chosen, then any accessories can be made in a contrasting color. For example, a belt, edging, ruffles, etc.

Wedding dresses 2013. Accessories and details

  • Belts corsets. From satin and lace. Subtle and graceful.
  • Veil. She is back in fashion as the main accessory of the bride. Moreover, the longer its length, the more fashionable the bride will be.
  • Veil veil Covering the face and creating a halo of mystery.
  • Flowers in hair. Alternative Fate. Other fashionable hairstyles for the wedding 2013.
  • Thin precious metal bracelets. Necklace.
  • Graceful Earrings according to the dress. Different size and length.
  • Rhinestones, lace and embroidery.
  • Chiffon and delicate lace - the most fashionable fabrics for wedding dresses in 2013.
  • Fur jackets and long gloves.
  • Wreaths, headbands and tiaras.

Fashionable wedding hairstyles 2013

  • French braids.
  • Luxury large curls.
  • Flowers, Rhinestones, Ribbons and Beads in the hair.
  • Retro style.
  • Hairpins and veils on short hair.

Bridal bouquets in 2013

Bouquets are selected in accordance with the style (color) of the dress, makeup and hairstyle. Also, the bouquet should be combined with the groom's outfit.

  • To a magnificent dress - A bouquet in the form of a hemisphere.
  • Light airy dress - sprawling bouquet, "splashes" of flowers.
  • To dress with rhinestones - a modest bouquet, not overshadowing the beauty of the dress.

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