10 best restaurants and cafes in Istanbul with local flavor and traditional Turkish cuisine

In the list of the most attractive cities in the gastronomic sense, Turkish Istanbul can be immediately put in the top five. More precisely, the very Turkish cuisine in general, because the gastronomic tour of Istanbul will not only satisfy your hunger, but also deliver aesthetic pleasure. However, to eat in the most popular Turkish city "tasteless" - you still have to try very hard.

Your attention - the 10 most popular cafes and restaurants in Istanbul, according to travelers.

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In this network of Turkish cozy cafes, located not far from Istiklal Street, you can buy food with you - or enjoy it at the table.

Cafes are open until late at night, so you can eat here three times a day (and never disappointed). The quality of food in these cafes is noted by tourists as the highest, and the taste of food is fantastic and unearthly.

Although Bambi remains a network of Turkish fast food, the dishes here are truly divine - which is worth only one shawarma (doner) with tender veal, which will cost you some $ 3.

For meals (including the famous wet burgers, set meals, sweets, kebabs, etc.) not only ordinary residents and tourists come to Bambi, but also Turkish celebrities.

Independence Street (note - Istiklal) is known for its architecture and the abundance of opportunities to relax and have fun. Here you will find Taksim Square - the real heart of the city.

Marbella terrace

In this restaurant (not the cheapest, but one of the best) you can enjoy classic Turkish dishes, seafood and barbecue. Travelers will appreciate the wine list, vegans and vegetarians - the opportunity not to stay hungry.

You can enjoy the kitchen in the building - or in the open air. The advantages are parking, access for disabled people on wheelchairs, as well as the ability to pay with a card, hang out on the Internet via a free Wi-Fi or ask for a high chair for feeding a child.

The restaurant-cafe is located in the Sultanhamet district, where it is recommended to walk thoughtfully and leisurely in order to have time to explore all the sights.

Travelers and local guests of the restaurant celebrate the gorgeous view of the sea, spiritual service and delicious "compliments" from the institution, as well as large portions and reasonable prices.

Old ottoman

Restaurant with an average price policy, varied cuisine and its own mode of operation (breakfast here will not succeed).

There is a choice of dishes for opponents of meat - and even for vegans, seafood fans will not be hungry either. Those who want to "have fun" can also be calm - there is enough alcohol here.

If you wish, you can pay with a card, ask for a highchair, taste the dessert in the fresh air - and get on the free Internet. In the restaurant, you can go with children, and for a romantic dinner, and a large company - all will be good, comfortable and tasty.

Despite the small selection of wines, tourists celebrate the home comfort of the place, the courtesy of the staff and knowledge of the English language, the fantastic taste of dishes, the best prices and divine desserts.

Saltanat Barbecue House

One of the oldest kebabs in the city. Over the years, this institution on the "5 plus" has established itself among the locals and tourists.

The menu includes translation of the names of dishes into Russian, a varied and tasty cuisine (from Turkish and Mediterranean to steaks, barbecue, dishes for vegans and gluten-free dishes), the restaurant itself is cozy, and the staff is smiling and sincerely hospitable.

Cards are accepted for payment, for those who miss the blue screens there is a TV, for the kids - the chairs, for those who want - Wi-Fi for free.

It should also be said that this institution was marked by a quality mark from the well-known program "Revizorro" (following the results of the traditional "check", the cafe-restaurant Barbecue House was recommended to be visited).

Istanbul Balik

In this cozy restaurant under the Galata bridge, you can taste not only Turkish traditional dishes, but also Mediterranean and European cuisine, as well as enjoy seafood. For breakfast, it is better to choose another institution, but in this restaurant you can have a good time until late at night.

A free Wi-Fi, a bar and the presence of alcohol, the ability to book a table - or nice to sit with a cup of coffee (or something stronger) at a table outside. It should be noted that the restaurant is "looking" directly at the strait, and this inspiring view of the Bosphorus itself is uplifting.

Most of all the institution will appeal to fish lovers, which is represented in the menu in the widest range. Fish to select dishes are carried to the hall still alive. Orders in the restaurant can be taken in Russian, for dinner, you can pay by card.

Travelers, despite the high prices, celebrate the service at the highest level and with good speed, as well as an incredible view of the Bosphorus. Many tourists when choosing a fish restaurant in Istanbul recommend Istanbul Balik.

Constantine's Ark

This place is open late into the morning. Therefore, if you wish to eat halal, vegan, Turkish or Mediterranean dishes early in the morning, the restaurant’s doors are open to guests. Those who wish to relax a bit, too, can not worry - there is a bar, and alcohol is served.

Prices here are very modest, you can pay Visa and Mastercard, as well as a credit card.

For many tourists, this Istanbul restaurant has become one of their favorites. According to gastronomic travelers, everything is perfect here - from drinks, cuisine and service to fresh flowers in vases and a cozy atmosphere created by the perfectionist owner. Dishes are served quickly and hospitably - delicious, from the freshest products and in solid portions.

The benefits can also be attributed to the Russian-speaking waiters and blankets that will be served to you carefully if you decide to drink a glass of beer at a table on the street. It is important that all dishes are served in dishes, which for a long time maintains the desired temperature for dinner.

And serving and serving - this is a special separate story, with which it is better to get to know yourself, firsthand.


In this restaurant, the prices are not the lowest, but the widest choice of dishes, their unearthly taste, serving - and service in general - are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

Here you have a barbecue and grilled dishes, vegetarian cuisine and halal, classic Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes. If desired, you can order food delivery, purchase a takeaway dinner, reserve a table.

The institution is suitable for a business dinner, and family, and romantic.

According to the tourists, among the key advantages of the restaurant are attentive and friendly staff, free compliments (tea and gifts for children), delicious cuisine - varied and not heavy. And about kebabs served in Bitlisli, there are legends.

Of the minuses - not the largest room to sit a large noisy company, and the lack of Russian-speaking waiters.

Sofya kebab house

Restaurant with affordable prices - and more than a varied cuisine. Both vegans and barbecue or seafood fans, lovers of Middle Eastern or Turkish cuisine, kosher and halal, and others will love it.

In this kebab, you can have a snack in the open air - or have a buffet breakfast, you can order delivery - or ask for food, order alcohol (wine list, beer) and pay with a card or credit card.

Conditions are created for toddlers (highchairs) and for disabled people on wheelchairs, there is free Wi-Fi. Pleasant "Bonus" - Russian-speaking waiters.

The advantages, in the opinion of tourists: delicious food of the highest quality at medium prices, large portions, fantastic homemade lemonade and "compliments" from the institution, the correspondence of enthusiastic reviews about the restaurant reality.

Cafe rumist

In this centrally located city? In a cafe-restaurant, your wallet will empty faster - than, for example, in Bambi, but it's worth it.

Here for you - the kitchen for every taste, from Turkish to European, as well as kosher, gluten-free and halal dishes, all the conditions for vegans - and not only. The establishment is open from breakfast (approx. - "buffet") to late dinner, there is a delivery and the ability to order dinner with you, relax at a table outside or ask for a highchair.

Visitors celebrate the special sincerity of the place and the unforgettable taste of the dishes, the hospitality of the owner and the incredible Turkish coffee, amazing kebabs - and no less pleasant fish dishes, excellent hookah - and the friendliness of the waiters.

The oriental style of the institution and the atmosphere itself set up a meal, relax and give a lot of pleasant moments.

It is impossible not to note large portions (you’re not going to get out of it hungry), a variety of traditional dishes and the taste itself.

Erhan Restaurant

A restaurant of "medium prices", located near the Sofia Cathedral, and offering a wide selection of dishes for all occasions - European and Turkish cuisine, halal dishes and for vegans, and so on.

For those who can not part with the Internet, there is a free Wi-Fi, for the semi-babies - high chairs, for those who want to relax - alcohol and tables on the street. If you wish, you can order lunch with you.

Visitors celebrate amazing hospitality, cordiality and attentiveness of the staff, variety and unforgettable taste of dishes, memorable desserts and kebabs that are made on fire right before your eyes.

Hot bread, sauces and tea for dinner, you will be served for free, and for tired kids offer a rest room.

You can taste the hookah and try the famous meat in the pots (but remember that the portions are solid, and you can feed two, if not three, with one pot).

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