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The biggest sales and discounts before the New Year - where to run and what to buy

The period of New Year holidays begins with a big consumer boom. Almost every Russian gets something as a gift for the New Year and Christmas.

In this article we will tell you where the biggest sales will be carried out, which stores are doing the shares in joy for their customers, and also determine which day to run for the best deals.

  1. New Year's discounts, promotions and sales in the shopping center
  2. Equipment
  3. Clothes and shoes
  4. Is it worth waiting for discounts?
  5. What products are profitable to buy?

New Year promotions and discounts in popular stores and shopping centers of Russia

Sales time helps to make a profitable purchase for the customer and sell the product to the seller, so many Russian shops resort to a marketing ploy, replenishing the assortment, arranging New Year's Eve promotional events and practical jokes - and setting a discount on most products.

We present in the table the most current promotions and discounts that are held in before the onset of the New 2019.

Sphere, subject.

Name of action, discounts

The shops

Food industry

- Discounts up to 70% on food.

- Promotions "Exchange of collected stickers for goods." For example, collect 100 stickers for purchases in our store and get a discount on the purchase of a frying pan, etc.

- Promotions and draws of cars, real estate for the purchase and registration of checks in Internet resources (for example, the manufacturer "Uvelka").

Promotions and discounts are held by the majority of large food chains in Russia, such as: Pyaterochka, Magnet, Crossroads, Carousel, Okay, Ribbon, Coin, True, Red and White, Globus, Prism, Star, Tabris, etc.

All promotions and discounts can be found in new store catalogs.

Cosmetics and perfume

- Discounts on cosmetics and perfumes reach 70%.

- Promotions and draws "goods as a gift" for the registration of checks on the official websites of the shops (but not all spend!).

There are a lot of participating stores. It all depends on your favorite brand. The most popular stores where you will find products with huge discounts are: Rive Gauche, L'Etoile, Yves Rocher, Magnet Cosmetics, Ile de Bote, MAC Cosmetics, etc.

Household chemicals

As a rule, the size of the discount can reach 10-40%. Discounts are set by the manufacturers themselves, supplying goods to stores.

You can find out about the availability of discounts for household goods in the store where they sell money. For example, in supermarkets, hypermarkets and other large retail outlets.

Telecommunication companies

- Pranks of technology, mobile phones, clothes, shoes, tickets to the cinema or other entertainment events.

- Development of unique tariffs with numerous opportunities that could not previously be used.

- Discounts for the purchase of SIM cards or smartphones.

Promotions, sweepstakes and discounts are held by almost all mobile operators. The most popular of them are: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele 2. Go to their websites, where you will learn about special advertising campaigns.


- Discounts on jewelry range from 60 to 80%.

- Shares "Purchase 2 products for the price of 3", etc.

Some of the most popular jewelry stores are Adamas, Crystal, 585 Golden, Gold Magic, Sokolov, Sunlight, Karatov, Pandora. The official sites have all the information about discounts and promotions.

Educational services

- Discounts.

- Coupons.

- Promotions "Bring a friend and get a 50% discount."

Many educational centers try to participate to attract new customers. Usually a discount can be purchased by coupon. Participate in the action may be an adult citizen or parents of a minor.

Most popular promotions and discounts:

- To study at the center of foreign languages.

- Training, coaching.

- Master Classes.

- Refresher courses.

- Courses in the field of beauty and health.

Medical services

- Discounts.

- Coupons.

- Prank sessions.

On the New Year holidays, private medical organizations arrange jokes (usually in social networks), and also sell the services of paid specialists at discounted prices. For example, spas often play free massages, discounts on coupons to use the sauna, bath. Laboratories also reduce the cost of taking some tests. And in some medical centers, you can go for a primary examination to a paid doctor for free.

Guided tours, transport tickets

Promotions and discounts in the amount of from 30 to 70%.

Conducted by companies selling travel services in the Internet sphere. For example, you can book a train or accommodation on New Year's Eve holidays next year at a huge discount. This is especially true for early booking, with departures in the summer and autumn of 2019.

Of course, promotions and discounts in other stores can be held. It is worth finding out where they are held, because our country is big. In the regions, the manufacturer can set different stocks.

Some promotions, sales and competitions in stores and shopping centers

Electronics and Technology

Everything is quite simple here. First of all, they hold promotions in stores that are manufacturers of appliances and electronics. You can search for information on the official websites of manufacturers.

For example, before the New Year, such actions are relevant now:

  • Samsung - 15 000 rub. as a gift for purchasing a flagship, as well as a gift given for the purchase of a TV.
  • Huawei gives a discount on the purchase of goods only for registered users. And they are playing a smartphone
  • Philips gives coupons for the purchase of various goods at a discount of 50, 40 and 30 percent.

About other promotions can be found on the online resources of manufacturers.

You should also pay attention to the large stores, which offer a rich assortment of machinery and equipment from different manufacturers. Discounts and promotions there are already "coming." For example, you can look into M'Video, DNS, Citylink, Yulmart, Media Market. They give gifts for the purchase of mobile phones, charge bonuses for the purchase, as well as make discounts and provide an opportunity to pay for the purchase within 2 years without overpayments.

Clothes and shoes

The excitement has long come in the stores of clothes and shoes. It all started with Black Friday. After active sales, the stores have expanded their range - and meet their visitors with good promotions and discounts.

In addition, in some stores customers pay cashback for the perfect purchase. Very profitable alsowhen paying for purchasesuse card with cashback.

Let us give in the table a few examples of current stocks on clothes and shoes.

Name of shopPromotions, discounts, which holds the store
SportmasterDiscounts on sporting goods, clothes and shoes make up 50%
AdidasDiscount is 20%
ReebokDiscount washes equal to 20 to 50%
Asos20% on all assortment
Bershka, Zara, Mohito, Incyte, Deseo, O'stin, Love Republic, Concept Club, Mango and othersSale up to 50%
Online stores such as Lamoda, Wildberries, OzonDiscounts on clothes and shoes from 40 to 90%

We recommend visiting the store to select the right clothes and shoes on site, or to order a thing on the site, because some promotions are only on sites, not in retail outlets. How to check online store or website for reliability?

Is it worth waiting for New Year discounts - we are exploring the benefits

Discounts and promotions dedicated to the New Year 2019 and Christmas, have already started in early December. After 15-20 numbers in most stores you will notice a real price reduction. In addition, there will be gifts and bonuses from companies.

The maximum New Year discounts in different stores fall on different dates. Some make discounts before the holiday itself, and someone completes the campaign at the end or mid-January of the coming year.

According to statistics, for the technique should be in a hurry before the New Year, and for clothes and shoes - after, on the eve of the New Year holidays.

On which products you can really get the biggest discount before the New Year or in January

Every year, stores make huge discounts. And the eve of 2019 is no exception.

On the eve of the holidays you will find the biggest discounts on household appliances and electronics - up to 80%, and clothes - up to 90%.

In addition, food stores will stunning discounts on hygiene products, cosmetics and care productswhich many Russians traditionally buy as cheap gifts to relatives.

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