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Why dream seagull

Virtually any dream has a certain meaning, for example, to see a small child in a dream means impending trouble, a lot of mice to wealth, and any dream from Thursday to Friday is considered prophetic.

So, if you dream of a seagull in a dream, how would a famous dream book interpret such a dream?

What dreams of seagull on Miller’s dream book

A gull dreaming in a dream means that in a person in the near future, greedy and dishonest people will become business partners. Dead seagulls are a sign of imminent separation from close friends. If in a dream I had a dream of a seagull swinging on the waves - this is a sign that a person will not be able to receive any money from outside. Seagull, fishing - for good profits, if in a dream to feed a seagull from your hands - to the bad news and prolonged deep depression.

Seagull - Dream Vanga

According to the dream of the Bulgarian diviner Vanga, to see a seagull means that the soul of the deceased is visiting a person in a dream, acting as a guardian angel. If in a dream a seagull flies or attacks - this is a warning about the impending catastrophe - the crash of a car, airplane or ship. To be a pecked-up gull in a dream - there will be a protracted illness and long treatment ahead of the person.

What do you mean, a seagull dreamed of Freud

The dreamed gulls that fly overhead mean grave passions in a sexual relationship with a partner. In the near future we should expect an explosion of emotions and feelings. If a gull falls in a dream - to reduce love attraction to the beloved, coldness and indifference.

What is the dream of a seagull dreaming of Miss Hasse

A dream in which a gull dreamed means that a person will live to old age.

Seagull on the dream book of Simon Canonite

A snow-white gull, seen in a dream, freely hovering above the boundless expanse of the sea, symbolizes openness, creativity, self-development and the embodiment of its potential.

What does the seagull dream about in Melnikov’s dream book?

If a woman dreams of a seagull flying over the sea, this dream marks the bright feeling her chosen one feels for her. If in a dream the seagulls fly, peck, beat their wings - you should avoid stressful situations and worry less, because this dream foreshadows a nervous breakdown. A sleep with screaming gulls symbolizes separation from close friends, relatives and home. Dead Gull - sadness, longing, the collapse of hope.

What does it mean to see a seagull in a dream by an esoteric dream book

A high flying seagull means that a person thinks of the high, the spiritual and the beautiful. Wounded, untidy and scary birds, a symbol of pessimism, should reconsider their attitude towards life and the people around them. A love pair of birds means that thoughts of love have completely supplanted other thoughts; one should think not only about love affairs.

What is the dream of a seagull dreaming about a bitch

The dreamed gull is a symbol of business success. A screaming gull means that to get out of a difficult situation, you should carefully consider your moves, step by step. If a gull is caught in a dream - a good sign.

Islamic Dreambook

Eastern sages said that in a dream to see a seagull - to wealth, power, beauty. A seagull sitting down in front of a person is a good, joyful message. A seagull sitting on a head or shoulders symbolizes good or evil deeds of a person. If the bird is white, the actions of a person are good and good, the black gull indicates bad deeds and evil thoughts. Fly, sitting on a seagull - a sign that the person expects the journey. A seagull, rising into the sky and hiding from the eyes - a symbol of collapse, death, misfortune.

What dreams of seagull in English dream book

To dream of a seagull is an unfortunate omen for a rich man. Most likely, things will go badly in the near future. On the contrary, to see a man in a dream, a man who is not accustomed to swimming in money, means an improvement in his financial situation. If in a dream the gull makes shouts - for a long journey, success in business, and prosperity. The dead bird symbolizes a certain stagnation in life, which, in the end, will end safely.

What else can dream gull

  • Gull in the house.

If you dream of a tea that flew into the house - to unpleasant news.

  • Gull in the sky.

A seagull soaring in a dream - to success in business. A high flying bird is bad news, but not directly related to the person who dreamed such a dream.

  • The seagull pecks.

If in a dream the gull bites - to the disease, unpleasant news, problems. If someone from relatives or friends feeds the tea, there will be big troubles.

  • Snow-white gull.

Sign of freedom, creative expression.

  • Seagull over the water.

To the money. At the same time, in many dream books one should be careful - a person who dreamed of a seagull flying over the sea could be in danger.

  • The seagull feeds on fish.

To success, wealth, profit. However, if a person dreams that he himself feeds a seagull from his hands - to trouble.

In various dream books, dreams with a seagull are interpreted differently, but one thing unites them - on the whole, a seagull in a dream - a symbol of bad luck, illness, and trouble. Therefore, if a gull dreamed in a dream, you should take a closer look at your life and your surroundings, so that later you can only dream of good dreams and seagulls will fly around them.

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