Wedding signs. What will the holiday say

For many centuries, the existence of mankind in each culture has accumulated a wide variety of superstitions and will accept. Many among them are those that are associated with the wedding, and they relate to almost everything, starting with a suitable date and ending with a banquet. Should they believe the decision everyone should decide on their own. Recently, most young couples are skeptical of superstitions. However, if the observance of all the rules dictated by the signs, will allow the groom or bride, and possibly both, to be more calm and confident that they will have a happy family life, why not listen to them. After all, it is no secret to anyone that unshakable faith in a good future is a solid foundation for a successful marriage. Well, if you initially programmed yourself to be negative, your family life is unlikely to be successful.

Wedding signs in the spring

Despite the fact that spring is sometimes considered to be love, weddings at this time of year are not very popular. And it is absolutely not connected with signs. Early spring rarely pleases us with good warm weather. These days it is often damp and dreary on the street, and what kind of bride would want to dirty her elegant dress? In addition, in the spring it is difficult to lay such a varied table, as, for example, in the fall. As for the take, for this season, too many of them.

According to national signs, the wedding in spring promises to young people romance and new opportunities. It is believed that if the marriage is concluded in March, the newlyweds will soon change their place of residence, but if the couple are bound by mutual love, then he will also be happy. For young people, such a sign is, in principle, favorable, because it can indicate that they will not live with their relatives, and the fate to give them their own housing. Although there is a superstition that during the March wedding the bride will be forced to live on the other side.

As for the date for the wedding, signs indicate that in March all days will be favorable for this. But in any case, the marriage in the first month of spring is a great change. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the present life and do not want to change anything in it, in March you should not enter into a marriage.

Those who decide to marry in early spring should also take into account the fact that during this period, as a rule, Lent passes. At this time, the church does not give the blessing of marriage, so you can not get married. In addition, guests observing the post will not be able to relax, have fun and sit at the banquet table.

Marriage concluded in April, according to signs, will be as changeable as the weather this month. Happiness will then slip away from the family, then return to it again. Family life will not be easy, especially in the early years, but if the couple can overcome all the difficulties, in the future only the best will come.

Signs of the wedding in May, mainly associated with the name of the month. Surely many have heard that people who have bound the fate of this month will be toil throughout their lives. This means that the couple will be together, but they will not be happy. Although there is no official evidence that marriages concluded during this period are unsuccessful, many prefer a different time for the wedding. If the couple decided not to postpone the wedding and assigned it to one of the May days, some techniques will help to avoid the consequences. For example, the bride is recommended to put a nickle under the heel, and pin a pin under the dress.

In the spring (April-May) falls the most auspicious day for the wedding. It follows the following Sunday after the Easter holiday and is called the Red Hill. It is believed who on this day will unite the bonds of marriage will never divorce. This holiday has pagan origins - it marked the final arrival of spring. During it, people not only walked and had fun, on this day, there was also a kind of show, bride shows and couples. After the baptism of Russia, the pagan holiday, like many others, did not disappear, but adapted to a new religion, it was tied to Fomin's day, but at the same time it did not lose its original meaning. In Orthodoxy, the popularity of weddings on this day is also explained by the fact that it was at this time after the carnival, Great Lent, and then Easter week that the church resumed weddings.

Signs of a summer wedding

Summer weddings foretell young, quiet, but at the same time passionate relationship. In such a family will be present mutual understanding and peace.

  • Signs of the wedding in June. This month is considered one of the most favorable for creating a new family. June marriages promise to be strong and happy. In general, popular wisdom says that June will give young honey life, it’s not for nothing that this month is also often called honeymoon.
  • Signs of a wedding in July. Marriage concluded in this month promises changeable happiness. If you believe the signs, the couple who created the family in June will have a sweet and sour life. In other words, it will be both sweet and not very pleasant moments.
  • Signs of a wedding in August. People married during this period will continue to be tied not only by great love, but also by strong friendship. A wedding in August will give young strong, ardent relations, in which loyalty and loyalty will be in the first place.

Wedding in the fall - signs

Autumn weddings foretell the newlyweds with hot love, long relationships and a strong family.

One of the most popular months for marriages is September. According to signs, this month is also one of the most successful. The couple who played the wedding in September have a long and peaceful family life. There will not be a sizzling passion between spouses, but their relationship will be smooth, harmonious and warm, and the house, as they say, full cup. But in September it is not recommended to play a wedding for money borrowed, otherwise your family will never get out of debt.

October Wedding will bring more hardship to young than concord. Such a marriage will be difficult, on the way to happiness, the couple will have to overcome many obstacles and endure many quarrels. If the wedding day is scheduled to cover - the couple will be happy all his life.

November Wedding will provide wealth to a young family, but there will not be a lot of love between spouses. The most favorable date for entering into marriage in this month is the 4th day - a holiday dedicated to honoring the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. It is believed that families created on this day are reliably protected from slander, detractors, betrayals and ruptures.

Autumn, especially the second half of it does not often indulge in good weather, but do not get upset, in this case there are also folk signs - a wedding in the rain, especially when it began suddenly, foreshadows a comfortable life for young people. If it snows on the day of the marriage, it also prophesies prosperity for the family, but if a severe frost hits - a healthy, strong boy will be born first.

Wedding - signs in winter

Winter weddings foretell young constant, unexpected expenses, extra expenses and purchases. Of course, it can only be one for joy, and for others it will not bring any pleasure, only irritation. Winter wedding for months - signs have a little others.

A marriage concluded in December promises to be happy and completely prosperous. Every day the love of such a couple will become more and more, and the family will be stronger and happier. In her house will be a lot of joy and fun.

January is not considered the most favorable period for the creation of a family, since one of the young will lose their other half, i.e. become a widow or widower.

The most successful for family life will be the February wedding. Signs promise people who have married in this month a happy life in peace and harmony. Particularly favorable time for the wedding are the days of carnival. In this case, the life of the newlyweds will go on smoothly. But on February 14 and 29, marriage is not worth it. 14 is the eve of the Presentation of the Lord, and 29 falls only on a leap year, which in itself is not considered favorable for marriages.

There are signs, not related to the season or month of the wedding.

Consider the most popular ones:

  • If a storm or a strong thunderstorm has erupted on the wedding day, the spouses will face misfortune. If a rainbow follows a thunderstorm, it will be a favorable sign.
  • Wedding in the rain or snow, as mentioned earlier, promises young well-being. Especially favorable in this regard is considered if precipitation began suddenly.
  • A strong wind on the wedding day foreshadows that the life of the spouses will be windy.
  • If the wedding took place on an even number, the couple will have a boy first, if the odd number is a girl.
  • It is not recommended to appoint weddings on the days of posts.
  • It is good to marry on the days of church holidays, it is believed that then the Almighty will always help this family.
  • You can not appoint a wedding in any month of the 13th day.
  • A family created in a leap year will surely fall apart.
  • The most favorable for the marriage are odd numbers.
  • You should not hold a wedding on the day of the angel and the birthday of the young.
  • The best time for marriage is the second half of the day.

Each season is good in its own way for weddings, when it is up to it to decide only to future spouses. The main thing is that they feel comfortable and believe in their happy future.

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