Weight gain table during pregnancy

The weight gain of the future mother should occur regardless of her appetite, desires and height with a physique. But watch out for weight during pregnancy should be harder than before. Weight gain has a direct connection with the process of fetal growth, and control over weight gain helps to prevent various troubles in a timely manner. Therefore, it does not interfere with its own diary, where data on weight gain are regularly entered.

So,what is the weight of the future mother is the normand how does weight gain occur during pregnancy?

Factors that affect weight during pregnancy

In principle, strict standards and weight gains simply do not exist - every woman has her own weight before pregnancy. For girls of "medium weight category" will be considered the norm increase - 10-14 kg. But it is influenced by many factors. For example:

  • Growth future mom (respectively, the higher the mother - the more weight).
  • Age (young mothers are less inclined to corpulence).
  • Early toxicosis (after it, as you know, the body tries to replenish the lost kilograms).
  • Baby size (the bigger it is, the more difficult the mother is, respectively).
  • Little or polyhydramnios.
  • Increased appetiteand control over it.
  • Tissue fluid (with the existing fluid retention in my mother's body there will always be an excess of weight).

In order to avoid complications, one should not go beyond the known weight frames. To starve, of course, categorically impossible - the crumb must receive all the necessary substances for him, and one should not risk his health. But everything is not worth it - lean on healthy dishes.

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How much does a pregnant woman gain in weight?

Expectant mother for the first third of pregnancy, as a rule, adds about 2 kg. The second trimester every week adds to the piggy bank body weight 250-300 g. By the end of the term the increase will be equal to 12-13 kg.
How is weight distributed?

  • Kid - about 3.3-3.5 kg.
  • Uterus - 0.9-1 kg
  • Placenta - about 0.4 kg.
  • Mammary gland - about 0.5-0.6 kg.
  • Fatty tissue - about 2.2-2.3 kg.
  • Amniotic fluid - 0.9-1 kg.
  • Blood volume (increase) - 1.2 kg.
  • Tissue fluid - about 2.7 kg.

After the birth of the crumbs, the gained weight usually leaves rather quickly. Although sometimes you need to work for it (helps physical exercise + proper nutrition).

Independent calculation of the weight of the future mother according to the formula

There is no uniformity in weight gain. Its most intensive growth is observed already after the twentieth week of pregnancy. Until then, the expectant mother can gain as little as 3 kg. At each examination, the pregnant woman doctor weighs. Normal gain should be 0.3-0.4 kg per week. If a woman is gaining more than this norm - fasting days and a special diet are assigned.

Independently make such a decision is impossible! If weight gain does not have deviations in either direction, then there are no special reasons for experiencing.

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Independently deal with the dynamics of weight gain can according to the formula:

  • Multiply 22 g for each of the 10 cm height of the mother. That is, with growth, for example, 1.6 m, the formula will be as follows: 22x16 = 352 g. Such an increase over the week is considered normal.

The rate of weight gain per week of pregnancy

In this case, the BMI (body mass index) is equal to - weight / height.

  • For skinny moms: BMI <19.8.
  • For moms who have an average physique: 19.8 <BMI <26.0.
  • For curvy moms: BMI> 26.

Weight gain table:

Based on the table, it becomes clear that the weight of the future mothers gain in different ways.

That is, the thin one will have to recover more than the rest. And the least applied to it the rule of limitation regarding the consumption of sweet and fatty.

But lush mommy is better from the sweet / flour to refuse in favor of healthy dishes.

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