10 best options for temporary work for the summer of 2014 for young people and students

During the summer holidays, many people want to relax, and some spend this time for part-time work. Summer is considered to be a time of business decline, but just in this period, having settled for seasonal work, you can improve your financial situation. An excellent option for additional income will be seasonal work for students, as well as for young workers who want to spend time waiting for suitable vacancies.

What can you do in the hot season? This will be discussed in this article.

  1. Catering and trade
    During the summer holidays, these areas more than others need seasonal workers. In the hot season, almost every store organizes the sale of ice cream, chilled drinks on the summer terrace.

    Also free vacancies can be formed in stationary tents, which sell snacks, kvass. This is explained by the increase in the number of products sold. Trading usually begins at eight or nine in the morning and ends at seven or ten in the evening. Suitable candidates will be persons from the age of eighteen and those who have a great desire to work.
  2. Swimming instructor
    This job will be the ideal way to earn money for people who are good at swimming. This may be athletes, novice rescuers or just lovers of procedures on the water.
    The essence of the work is to teach swimming skills to adults and children on city beaches and swimming pools, to learn various swimming techniques, to be able to float and to prepare people for visiting the pool. Also, this work requires knowledge of safety rules and the ability to provide first aid.
  3. Recreation areas and park areas
    In all park and entertainment areas during the summer months, shopping and entertainment complexes with shops, cafes and attractions begin to work. In this regard, there is a need for utility workers, electricians, carpenters, who will be engaged in setting up and servicing equipment. No less in demand are disc jockeys, entertainment program organizers, cashiers, waiters and vendors. The schedule of such seasonal work will most likely be irregular, but it guarantees a decent income. Moreover, enjoying the atmosphere of the holiday, you will relax and have fun.
  4. Babysitter
    Graduates of pedagogical institutes, students who love kids and who know how and what to occupy them, can get a job as a nurse's assistant in a private kindergarten. Work consists in accompanying children from 2 to 6 years of age during walks, in supervision of babies.
  5. Flower seller
    Summer is a great time to bloom. And it is at this time that you can earn money by selling flowers. Such earnings will be suitable options for sociable, pretty, responsible and smiling students.

    Work consists in unobtrusive offer of flowers in parks, on verandas of restaurants, near night clubs. Mostly trade is carried out at night and in the evening.
  6. Work at sea
    This is a great option for additional income, and for a good rest. In summer, temporary (seasonal) work near the sea coast requires animators and DJs, cooks and cook assistants, kitchen workers and bartenders, waiters, salespeople, cleaners, maids, hotel and hotel administrators. The choice is quite diverse. For those who decide to work in the field of nutrition, you will need a sanitary book.
  7. Work in the North in construction organizations
    You can get a job without education and work experience as an ordinary worker. Basically, construction companies work all year round, since in the north most of the facilities are being built on piles. Handymen are needed to carry out garbage collection, work related to the dismantling or assembling of buildings, during pouring and concreting formwork on the construction of quickly constructed buildings and structures. Wages are quite decent, plus food and housing.
  8. Work as a tour guide
    This option is suitable for people who know the history of the city and its attractions. An applicant for such a job should be intellectually developed and interested in cultural life, sociable, hardy and courageous. There are no age restrictions for such work. The essence of work lies in the preparation and conduct of the excursion program, answering emerging questions and charging people with good mood and positive emotions.
  9. Job promoter
    To do this, you need to become an employee of the company and engage in the distribution of promotional material, attracting customers, answer questions.

    This job is perfect for young, ambitious and energetic people. A great start to your career plus a good income. Age is not limited. Flexible and convenient schedule.
  10. Strawberry picker
    This work is suitable for the unemployed and students, people of retirement age and schoolchildren, as well as for those who love the fields and rural romance, sweet berries and wicker baskets, the country atmosphere and the burning sun.

    The payment in this case is in kind - ten percent of the fee.

It is in the summer that many companies are trying to replenish their staff with new employees. Most summer vacancies open in the following industries: outdoor advertising design, sale of ice cream and beverages, the implementation of climate technology, construction and repair, tours, entertainment, tourism. Not less popular are considered sales consultants, freight forwarders, sales managers, hairdressers.

Summer jobs help people not only make money, but also study the work of companies from within, show your abilities and stay on staff. Well, if after the seasonal work you have to leave the company, this will continue to serve you as a good life experience!

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