Coconut mattresses for children - the best models

Coconut coir filled mattresses are familiar to everyone, especially parents who are faced with the choice of mattress for their offspring. Coconut mattress (as it was called by the people) is an excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as other diseases. This is a great investment in the health of your child! And about what a "coconut mattress" is, what are its pros and cons, and also how to buy mattresses correctly, our article will tell.

The people orthopedic mattresses, which are based on coconut coir, called "coconut." In our view, coconut is something hard and difficult to break. But many assume that the filling for the mattress is the very bark of the coconut fruit, respectively, these people are wrong, preferring to such material softer.

Coconut coir is a vegetable fiber of the coconut intergland and is not so much a hard as a durable material. It also has several advantages:

  • The material is moisture resistant. Or rather, does not miss the water at all, pushes it away;
  • The material does not rot. Neither moisture, nor dry air, nor frost can destroy coconut coir.

Mattresses based on coconut coir are considered orthopedic and very useful for a child. Their orthopedic properties are especially useful when the child already has diseases of the musculoskeletal system or a predisposition to them.

Benefits coconut mattresses:

  • Rigidity mattress. The degree of rigidity of the coconut mattress determines its effectiveness; the higher it is, the more useful the mattress is for your child’s back, as well as for his healthy sleep;
  • Ventilation. The fibrous structure of the filler allows air to pass through the entire mattress, thereby ensuring the safety of the bed (bugs and harmful microorganisms will not start there);
  • Long service. In addition, the coconut mattress does not absorb moisture and various odors, which will ensure long-term service;
  • Hypoallergenic. Coconut coir very rarely causes an allergic reaction. almost never. If you know that your child is prone to allergies, then it is better to consult with your doctor, as well as with the experts from whom you buy a mattress;
  • Ideal for newborns. These mattresses are perfect for just born babies. As stated above, they are safe and will also become an excellent basis for the correct formation of the musculoskeletal system in a baby.

Only but significant disadvantage coconut mattresses is their cost, it is not every parent will afford. However, who will save on the health of their own child?

Simba Latex-kokos

Orthopedic mattress for children based on coconut coir with moderate hardness. It is easily dried and ventilated due to natural environmentally friendly filler. In the production of the mattress is also used perforated latex.

Approximate price of mattress: 3 500 - 4 000 rubles.



We bought this mattress to our son recently, and he has already managed to note how he likes to sleep on it. The mattress is quite comfortable, there are no dents left on the places where the child lies, it is well sprung, not too soft, just the most it is for the forming posture.

Children's mattress Violayt Pinocchio

Springless coconut mattress with a height of 10 cm, based on a whole layer of natural coconut (9 cm). The material provides excellent orthopedic and anatomical properties. Excellent purchase for young children. The recommended weight (for one berth) is 70 - 80 kg.

Mattress price: about 9 000 rubles.



For myself, I bought a mattress Violayt. She was very pleased with him. Delivered in time. Therefore, I decided to order a children's mattress to order the same company. I chose this, because I read an article that a coconut mattress is needed for a small child. I look forward to being delivered to me.

Child mattress Dream Line BabyDream 6

This mattress was designed specifically for newborn babies, and its structure is ideal for the development of the musculoskeletal system of a child under two years of age. The cover is removable, double-sided quilted. Height 6 cm.

The musculoskeletal system of the child is not yet completely formed and the weak muscles are not able to support the spine in the correct position, therefore the sleeping surface must be even and rigid. And this provides coconut coir.

The approximate cost of the mattress: 2 000 - 2 500 rubles.



Great mattress! We have a long-awaited firstborn and I decided that he should have only the best. My friends bought a mattress from this company, but a different model, but I stopped at this and did not regret it! I advise everyone!

Mattress Rollmatratze Frau Hilda

Mattress Rollmatratze Frau Hilda - a hard mattress made of natural coconut fiber impregnated with latex. Height is 13 cm. Service life - at least 10 years.

  • Absolute environmental friendliness;
  • Natural thermoregulation and breathability;
  • Low strain;
  • Antibacterial properties.

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 rubles.



From the old mattress my daughter had a bad back. Saving money and decided to buy her an expensive, but high-quality mattress. The first thing I saw in the store was this mattress. I talked with the seller and bought it even cheaper than expected. Quality and price match. The pains of the daughter were gone, only the service he turned out to be less than indicated, in 5 years in some places there were hollows.

Mattress Primavera Elba

Uncompromising hard coconut mattress gorgeous Italian execution. 6 plates of natural coconut coir 3 cm each are assembled through felt pads and enclosed in a stunning jacquard cover. Only natural materials, excellent orthopedic support, immaculate reliability of the coir and Italian design - you simply cannot be indifferent to this mattress!

This Italian mattress is made of natural, environmentally friendly and safe materials according to the most stringent European quality standards.

Price: about 22 000 rubles.



When my husband and I were looking for a mattress for our teenage son, we didn’t decide on such an expensive purchase for a long time. My son had scoliosis and they advised us to buy a mattress from this particular company. All the same, we purchased it and did not regret it. My son has improved his posture in just one year! And my husband and I decided to buy a mattress of the same company. The mattress of his son for 5 years and looks like new!

  1. Before you buy a coconut-based mattress, pay attention to the presence of separation of hardness zones. In children's mattresses are usually provided for the presence of various zones of rigidity. For example, it is known that during sleep a large load falls on the shoulders and hips, therefore, children's mattresses provide for a zonal reduction in stiffness in these areas. Your mood and, of course, his development depend on the comfort of your child's sleep;
  2. You must also make sure that the mattress will be comfortable for its future owner. Take the baby with you to the store before making the final selection. Let him lie down on different mattresses and choose a comfortable one for him;
  3. And do not forget that in our time they love to fake famous brands, so do not be lazy to make sure that you have a certified product in front of you and, of course, find out the prices for this mattress on the Internet.

If you have experience in buying a mattress based on coconut coir, share with us! We need to know your opinion!

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