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Why dream of a mirror?

An incredible amount of folk beliefs will be associated with mirrors, and some are convinced that if you often look in the mirror, you can lose beauty and health, because the mirror literally pulls energy from a person. Smashing a mirror in reality is more terrible than looking into it in a dream. Is it really?

What dreams about the mirror of Miller’s dream book

According to the interpretation of a well-known psychotherapist, anyone who admires his mirror image is simply doomed to be misunderstood by their close people. Differences, disputes, quarrels, and mutual recriminations are possible. In addition, such a dream can warn that a man will soon leave this world to the dreamer's dreamer, and this death will cause him many torments and experiences.

If a broken mirror dreamed, it foreshadows the sudden death of a relative, and small fragments suggest that death lies in wait for a close relative, and large fragments say that someone of distant relatives will die.

Seeing other people in the mirror means that their actions towards the sleeper cannot be called fair. When reflections of wild animals or domestic animals appear in the mirror, this means that the dreamer will lose something or be disappointed in something.

If an unmarried girl dreamed of a broken mirror in a dream, this means that the groom will not justify her hopes and marriage with this person will be unsuccessful. And when a mature woman sees her lover in the mirror - sick and deprived of all vital forces, this foreshadows his quick demise. At best, they just break up. The lover is full of joy and fun, so this novel will end well, without sacrifice, or the desire to part will be mutual.

When a dream is just a mirror - without any reflections, whole and pure, then perhaps the dreamer will deceive someone or obstacles ahead that will be difficult to overcome. A married woman who has seen such a mirror in a dream will soon divorce, moreover, she will be the initiator of the divorce. But if a man dreams of such a dream, it means that he will soon lead a mistress (if married) or will meet his soul mate (if single).

Mirror in a dream - dream Vanga

When a sleeper attentively considers his reflection, this indicates that he is not indifferent to how others are speaking about him, and all the more so as they think about him. Undoubtedly, this person looks at his own life from the perspective of an observer, trying to analyze everything that happens to him. If a person does not see his reflection, looking in the mirror, it means that an evil force dominates him and all his actions are the machinations of evil spirits. The only way out is to ask God for forgiveness and protection before it is too late.

Broken mirror is a harbinger of misfortune. And if a person sees himself wondering in front of a mirror, then this means that he is not indifferent to his own future, and he wants to know what will happen to him in the very near future. True, you need to know that not a single oracle, be it a rocket scientist, can predict the future with absolute precision. If the dreamer does not want him to dream so disturbing and incomprehensible dreams, the number of visits to magicians and fortune-tellers should be limited so that the evil forces leave him alone.

What does it mean: dreamed a mirror? Freud interpretation

In a dream, everything that a person wants to see is displayed. Freud is sure that every person who admires his own mirror image is in reality a "narcissus". In other words, he has a tendency to narcissism. If the dreamer dreamed his own reflection, it means that his dreams and desires are unlikely to come true and come true, and the culprit is the hesitancy of the sleeper.

If you dream of a muddy mirror or having such a strong pollution that it is impossible to consider anything, this means that a person is extremely dissatisfied with his sex life. His sexual energy does not find a way out, and sexual fantasies do not become a reality, which is fraught with the acquisition of certain disorders or diseases.

Anyone who washes or rubs a mirror in a dream, let him prepare for sex, and a broken mirror symbolizes fallen hopes and unfulfilled desires. In this case, the plans can not build, because they are not destined to come true. A mirror turned to the wall indicates that the dreamer is overcome by some kind of fear, moreover, associated with his sexual fantasies.

What dreams of a mirror on the modern dream book

In a dream, looking in the mirror is bad. It is to the experiences, differences, quarrels and other troubles. Seeing in the mirror the reflections of others - someone is very bad about the dreamer, and the reflection of a mysterious creature or monster can be seen by someone who promises a lot, but does not fulfill his promises.

A broken mirror seen in a dream does not bode well either: it means that someone from the inner circle may die at the hands of a murderer or become a victim of an accident. If you see yourself in a full-length mirror, then for an unmarried person this promises a quick wedding, and for a person burdened with the bonds of Hymen, a quick divorce. If a girl accidentally breaks a mirror in a dream, then it means that in reality she will lose her innocence, but she cannot wait for the offer of a hand and heart from her beloved.

When a man in love sees in a dream in the mirror a reflection of his passion, this indicates that it is not true to him, and the presence of an opponent capable of destroying the attitude is an obvious fact that cannot be doubted. If the pocket mirror does not look like its owner, but a stranger, then soon that relationship with the second half will completely deteriorate and it will be impossible to restore them.

What is the dream of a dream-dream mirror Denise Lynn

Sleep with a mirror can be interpreted in different ways. According to Denise Lynn, the reflective surface is the personification of human consciousness. It is a kind of self-contemplation, indicating that it is time to think about yourself. To correctly interpret a dream, you need to remember it down to the smallest details.

If you dreamed of a broken mirror, it means that something is being hidden from a person, and this secret will hardly ever be revealed. If the owner of the mirror himself breaks it, moreover, consciously, then in reality he will win a brilliant victory over all his enemies. It is possible that he will get into a difficult situation, but everything will end well: he will find a way out of him.

Absolutely the whole mirror signals that the dreamer is waiting for unforeseen monetary expenses. To avoid them, immediately after waking up, you should eat half of a tomato and throw the other half, but not into the trash can, but directly into the street. Look in the mirror, but not see your reflection - to the fun.

What is the dream of the mirror according to Zedkiel's dream book?

A person who admires his mirror reflection in a dream, in reality, is absolutely not guided by common sense. If he continues to behave this way, it promises a ruin and a complete collapse. It is possible that the dreamer's environment does not consist of the people he really needs. But he is able to expose the liars and the envious themselves, revealing their true face. By taking the necessary measures, it is possible to completely eliminate them, and depends on the speed: whether they will have time to harm him or not.

When a person looks at his reflection and sees that his face is smeared with dirt, it means that someone is trying to sully his reputation or gossip. Slanderers and spiteful critics can be given a fitting rebuff if you go to the bathroom immediately after waking up and wash your face with soap and water. It’s very bad to break a mirror in a dream with my own hands, because those who did it are waited by very unpleasant events, because of which he will be very worried.

Why dream of seeing yourself in a mirror? Looking in a mirror in a dream - what does it mean?

To solve such a dream, you need to remember how, when and under what circumstances it happened. This is the case when small details are important.

Seeing your clear reflection, experiencing incredible joy, is a good dream, saying that a person is in harmony with his own inner world. Blurry reflection, coupled with a sense of fear, warns of impending trouble.

If a person looks in the mirror, but does not see his reflection, then this means that he is overcome by unnecessary anxieties and sad thoughts. But when he sees his reflection, it’s good, but if it doesn’t coincide with his real portrait, then such a person has low self-esteem or, on the contrary, is too high.

If in a dream a woman saw her reflection in full growth - to be a marriage. Or pregnancy. It all depends on the status in which it resides. It is impossible to look into a broken mirror in reality - this is a well-known fact, but if it happens in a dream, then the plan will not come true. A bride looking in a broken mirror can forget about a quick marriage, because her chosen one will give preference to another girl.

A man who admires his reflection will soon be deceived by business partners or close friends. And if he sees his reflection in the crashed mirror, then major troubles await him in front of him or someone diligently tries to stab his reputation, spreading gossip and spreading incorrect information.

What dreams of a broken mirror? Dream interpretation - to break a mirror in a dream.

If the dreamer saw the image of a stranger in a fragment of a mirror, then this dream does not bode well. It is necessary to wait for troubles. Own reflection in the broken mirror says that you need to wait for the news. And this news is unlikely to be good.

Hearing in a dream how the mirror is broken, but not seeing it is also for the news. Fragments of a mirror, brilliant from the light of a single candle, are a very good vision, meaning that a new, interesting business has to be started, and all disappointments, misfortunes and misfortunes will be bypassed. Seeing your reflection in a few fragments is not very good. Perhaps there will be a job change, but it will not succeed in getting acclimatized in the new team.

The dreamed broken mirror lying on the floor, in which no one and nothing is reflected, is the forerunner of the bleak events for the dreamer: someone will recognize his terrible secret and tell it in secret to the whole world. The consequences of this are unpredictable, because no one yet knows what secret the dreamer carries in him.

Why dream of combing hair in front of a mirror?

The correct interpretation of such a dream depends on many factors: to whom the hair belonged, what condition they were in, how long they were and what they even combed them with — a comb, a massage brush or an ordinary hairbrush.

For example, combing in a dream long hair in reality means that the dreamer in reality will make a serious mistake, perhaps not even one. Admitted mistake will cost very expensive - there is a risk that the consequences of such a fatal error will “haunt” the rest of his life.

A person trying to comb tangled hair in a dream is too distrustful and suspicious. These two qualities greatly complicate his life, and such a dream suggests that you urgently need to change your attitude towards people. Just combing your hair in a dream means regretting lost opportunities. But do not despair, because you can still return.

If the comb is broken during the combing process, then the dreamer will face major troubles that can substantially ruin his life. If a person stands in front of a mirror and scratches himself, but at the same time his hair falls out, then it promises large financial losses, and if a deceased person is combing his hair, then this is very bad: a big trouble will come.

Doing a haircut in front of a mirror means that the dreamer will finish the job he has started, and success and universal acceptance awaits him. If a person is sitting in front of a mirror, and someone is brushing his hair, then the one who does this will hate the dreamer with all his soul. A man looking in the mirror and combing at the same time is simply doomed to receive large profits.

Why dream of a mirror in hand, on the wall?

If you keep not a mirror, but its fragment, and at the same time look into it, then a great misfortune will soon happen. A pocket pocket mirror with a handle predicts that a solid state is going to its owner, the main thing is not to drop this mirror from his hands, otherwise - all wealth will float away in an unknown direction.

To hold a large mirror in your hands and look into it - you need to wait for news that can turn your whole life. And no one knows what kind of news it will be: good or bad. Holding a small mirror in their hands and letting them “sunbeams” means to mislead someone by providing inaccurate information.

A dreaming whole and a clean mirror that hangs on the wall is a warning. A cracked or broken mirror, in this case, predicts a new job, and such employment will be very successful. New work will bring not only a decent income, but also a quick career growth.

If the mirror on the wall is turned to the dreamer on the other side, this indicates that he is overcome by some fears and doubts in the field of sexual relations. Most likely, he is afraid of his secret desires, but these sexual fantasies do not give him any peace. Perhaps he is just unsure of himself.

To be in a dream in a room whose walls are hung with mirrors means that some kind of work will soon appear that requires remarkable knowledge and application of forces. In general, the mirror room can dream of a person who is constantly deceiving, and, not only others, but also himself.

Why dream of a clean or dirty mirror?

A clean mirror, without a single scratch, smudges and stains can dream of a person who does not suffer from remorse. That is, his conscience is clear, he does not feel guilty and does not reproach himself for any actions. If the dreamer was presented with a clean mirror, then soon he will be engaged in some profitable business.

To dream of a dirty mirror, this means that the dreamer is surrounded by bad people. Perhaps these are his close friends or relatives. They are so deceitful and false that you can expect anything from them. Therefore, special attention should be paid to such a dream. This is a signal to be alert and wait for a stab in the back (which can be prevented).

The muddy and dirty surface of the mirror predicts a situation in which it will not be possible to sort it out on its own, therefore, we will have to involve outsiders in the solution of the problem. A big dirty mirror is a harbinger of gossip. Perhaps the dreamer will be drawn into some kind of intrigue, but everything will end well.

What else does the mirror dream of:

  • eyes in the mirror - happiness;
  • the man in the mirror is a new love;
  • a mirror without reflection - views on life will change;
  • black mirror - change for the worse;
  • many mirrors - someone wants to impose their opinion;
  • a man in the mirror - the desire to look at himself from the side;
  • a girl or woman in the mirror is some kind of injustice;
  • shattered mirrors - bad news and tragic events;
  • new mirror - love suffering;
  • old mirror - parting with your loved one;
  • wash the mirror - your own well-being depends on the efforts made;
  • to paint lips in front of a mirror - for a love date;
  • closed mirror - to the dead;
  • to beat the mirror - only the one who beats him is to blame for all his troubles;
  • admire yourself in the mirror - the cause of the coming conflict should be sought in yourself;
  • the old woman in the mirror is gossip that can do much harm;

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