Fashionable swimsuits 2016 - new beach season

Spring has not had time to fully enter into their rights, and many women of fashion are already preparing for the holiday season. It's time to get acquainted with the latest beach fashion and choose a trendy swimsuit.

It is very important to choose a bathing suit so as to emphasize the charm of the figure and correct the non-ideal proportions. But it is impossible to keep up with fashion, so we will choose only among the topical new products.

Fashion trends swimsuits 2016

As always, designers offer us a huge range of trendy models for every taste. However, we tried to highlight the main directions, choosing which you will not lose.

  1. Bikini. Of course, on the catwalks were presented numerous one-piece swimsuits, but the bikini was still far ahead. Among the original and unusual styles, you can always choose the traditional "triangles" - such swimsuits in fashion.
  2. Retro. Swimwear in 2016 in retro style is mostly bikini with high swimming trunks, there are a lot of similar models in the new collections. Vintage moods add ruffles, but at the same time designers were not afraid to use modern bright prints in retro models.
  3. Sport. Sporty swimsuits are at the peak of popularity, they are very comfortable, and now they are also in fashion. Monokini a la "Malibu rescuers" or a bikini with a high-top top - whatever you choose, a sports swimsuit is more relevant than ever. To add originality, you can use such details as mesh inserts, plastic zippers, drawstrings.
  4. Yarn. Knitted swimsuits - this is very impressive. There are practically no restrictions on styles, but designers recommend choosing colors more brightly. Motley knitted swimsuits are perfectly combined with the same accessories, it is the best choice for fans of the bohemian style.
  5. Leather. Fashionable swimwear 2016 is a leather model. Even in a closed swimsuit of thin skin, you will look seductive. The color for a leather swimsuit this year is better to prefer black - as decided by representatives of famous brands.

Do the listed trends seem somewhat vague to you? We continue to consider models of fashionable swimsuits in more detail.

Colors of swimsuits 2016

Summer 2016 swimsuits are diverse prints. Monochrome models are less, designers prefer different images and ornaments, colorful colors. This is only on the hand of many fashionistas, because the asymmetrical print does not allow the eye to cling to the imperfections of the silhouette.

You can also consciously use multidirectional stripes and lines to adjust the figure in the places that require it.

Animal prints are not going to lose ground this summer, reptile skin remains in the first place, you can also choose monokini with a 3D image of the faces of predatory animals.

In the trend of a variety of graphic abstraction, ethno ornaments and floral motifs, but not in a pajama style. Swimwear models in black color with bright juicy buds look very impudently.

We continue to study swimsuits 2016, the trends among the flowers are orange and turquoise. Orange and canary shades look luxurious on tanned skin, but pale-skinned beauties will look very seductive and bright in bathing suits of blue-green color.

Pay attention to the material - in black, leather swimsuits look great, and in white - lace knitted.

Swimwear Forms 2016

Actively bikini swimsuits with high swimming trunks are pouring into the number of fashion trends. Immediately dispel stereotypes - this style is suitable not only for corpulent girls, but also slender fashionistas. No less relevant are bikinis with an elongated top, but this is still a crochet top, not a T-shirt - there is an opportunity to demonstrate a beautiful tummy.

In the trend, long-sleeved swimsuits are unlikely to fully sunbathe in them, but it will not be difficult to surprise others at the beach party. The long sleeve is observed both in a bikini with an elongated top and in a monokini.

Fashionable swimsuits of 2016 are abundantly equipped with versatile cutouts. Fashionable women have long been fond of so-called trikini, which are a one-piece swimsuit, but more like bikinis with interconnected bodice and melting because of the large number of cuts in various places. We do not recommend wearing such a swimsuit all the time, because the “original” tan is guaranteed.

We continue to look at swimsuits 2016 - trends tell us that deep cleavage is in fashion. Triangular cutout visually pulls the figure, so it is suitable for undersized girls. But full ladies better to choose another model - neckline assumes a very small chest, in extreme cases - a neat bust of medium size.

In the trend, swimwear with a high-neck neckline is the best choice for ladies with a wide shoulder line. Unlike last season, high-necks are often found in bikinis this summer - stylish crop tops can be in sports, and in a rather elegant performance.

Another interesting trend is the asymmetrical bodice, namely, with one shoulder strap. Tops over one shoulder make the most concise swimsuit model non-standard, which means it attracts attention.

Swimwear details

How can a bathing suit be decorated to no doubt be called fashionable? Consider the basic elements of the decor swimsuits 2016.

  1. Fringe - this item is actively used in clothes, shoes and accessories for several seasons, and now the trend has touched and beach fashion. The fringe along the upper line of the bottoms or the lower line of the top is not the limit, the designers used a long fringe and decorated it with the middle of the neckline, hips and shoulders of fashion models.
  2. Lacing - This is not only corset-style bodices. Lacing flaunts and thighs, complementing fashionable swimming trunks with a high waistline.
  3. Frill - used in retro swimsuits, as well as in romantic models. And again, non-standard execution - frills, not only as a decorative skirt on swimming trunks, but also an imitation of short sleeves, as well as tops with lowered straps, in which the frill completely covers the entire bodice.
  4. Grid - inserts of mesh material are characteristic not only for swimsuits of the sports plan, but also for more feminine models, as well as leather products.

Fashion is in the details, so do not forget to pay attention to details. Let the swimsuit - it is often a small piece of clothing, it can be used to the maximum, decorating to your taste.

Trends for full swimsuits

Girls with curvaceous should first of all make sure that the swimsuit sits well and does not give extra volume where it is enough.

Monokini with halter strap allows to look gorgeous - through the neck. Hidden cups with underwire support the bust perfectly, and the shoulder strap seductively frames the appetizing decollete area.

2016 swimsuits are not the only models for the full ones. Retro options with high swimming trunks for you, which hide the imperfect relief of the upper thighs and emphasize the waist - this is an ideal choice for women with the figure of a pear. If you are an apple, it is better to prefer monokini with a vertically oriented ornament or light inserts on the sides, thanks to which the figure will look more slender.

New swimsuits 2016 for full - these are models with fringe. The use of thick and long fringe on the bodice will allow magnificent girls to wear a bikini, not hesitating the protruding tummy or folds at the waist. Fringe creates the effect of a light dress and gives the image an incredible femininity.

Tankini for full-lengths is always in fashion - this is a swimsuit with a T-shirt top that looks like a one-piece model. Such a swimsuit impresses with its practicality, because its parts can be removed and worn independently of each other.

If your problem area is hips and buttocks, wear a swimsuit with a skirt. By the way - this season the top and bottom of the bikini does not necessarily have to match in color. You can purchase several swimsuits in different colors and combine them as you like.

For sunbathing fit compact model swimming trunks and an open bodice, and for a beach party, collect a set of skirts and elongated top.

Stylish and fashionable, seductive and gentle bathing suits of the coming summer - this is a smart choice for girls with any figure. Be luxurious on the beach, conquer hearts and do not forget about your comfort!

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