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Effective remedies for home ants

Every person in his childhood at least once saw a large forest ant hill or looked at small forest workers with pleasure - “forest nurses”. As far as these creatures are interesting in the wild, so they interfere at picnics, in the gardens, or where you can find food.

Scientists counted 12 thousand species of ants, but the most nasty type of hostess is the one that settles in their kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether they are big or small, red or black, they cause trouble, although they only do their usual business - they are looking for food.

The most effective way to get rid of ants should include 2 mandatory points:

  1. Removal of all food sources for ants.
  2. Harassment Poison will help destroy the colony, but only in full compliance with the rules of the first paragraph.

Small, but powerful ants are ambitious insects. To protect the house from them you need to develop the habit of not leaving organic waste in easily accessible places. Sometimes ants raid at certain times of the year.

In the first part of the "war" it is necessary to eliminate the leakage of pipes and dripping taps, which serve as a source of water for the ants. All food should be in tightly closed containers. We must try to seal all the cracks along the baseboards and doorways, to block access to the ants.

Folk remedies for ants

Ants do not like black, red and cayenne peppers. Powder poured near insect habitats can discourage coming without invitation.

For these purposes, you can use cinnamon, baby talc and citric acid.

Lures for ant extermination

Place a drop of jelly on a small piece of cardboard or plastic. Add 1/4 tsp of boric acid to jelly, mix and place on the main path near the ants. Ants will bring jelly with acid to the queen and poison it. After some time, the colony will leave.

The same effect has a composition of ½ cup of white sugar, a glass of warm water and 2 tablespoons of borax. The lure will be sugar, and the “killer” will be borax. Cotton balls impregnated with the composition should be decomposed in the habitats of ants. Borax is safe to use as a detergent, but is detrimental to pets. Lures are slow, but effective: the first result can be observed only 6 weeks after applying the tool.

Bay leaf can be not only a fragrant spice, but also a scaring remedy for any species of ants. It should be left in the pantries, cabinets, on the shelves with food or on the table.

Ant Chemicals

Of the chemicals that are sold in stores, effective are those that have the property after taking one ant to infect the entire colony. These include gel "Raptor" or "Cuts." The products contain fragrant sweet bait and a poisonous substance, which begins to act 2 hours after taking it. The infected insect poisons the tribesmen and they die. The tool is effective even with a single use.

If there are no such strong preparations, you can try to dilute the usual remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, but prepare it 2 times weaker: take twice as much water as it is written in the recommendation, and treat the place of accumulation of small parasites, as well as along the migration path.

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