10 ways to get rich in a crisis - real stories of people and their invaluable advice

The crisis in Russia is a rather frequent phenomenon. That is why most people perceive it not as a reason for despair and depression, but as a powerful incentive to act. The worse, as they say, the more hidden resources a person discovers in himself and the more actively he searches for opportunities to get rich.

How realistic is this? And what are the ways for development in a difficult period for the country?

10 ways to make money in a crisis - are you ready to get rich?

Options to improve their well-being a lot. The most important thing is not to give up, not to lose optimism and firmly go towards your goal.

How to get rid of negativity and tune in to success?

So, we study - how to earn, despite the crisis!

  • We trade directly from the warehouse.That is, we sell products at a lower price (both retail and wholesale), significantly saving on renting outlets. Of course, this is less convenient, but at the expense of lower prices, the profit is not only preserved, but also multiplied.
  • Online store. Again, we save on rent, and at the same time on advertising (it is cheaper on the Internet). We combine sales of products from the warehouse and delivery to the customer at home. If the purchase is made directly in stock - we make a discount. The storefront with the main commodity positions is placed on the site, and to get acquainted with the full range we invite people to the warehouse. At the same time, find out whether to participate in network marketing.
  • Creation and promotion of sites.No matter how hard the crisis hit, the Internet was and will be, companies, both opened and will open, sites, both created and will create. Of course, creating websites is a very competitive job, but the quality of work and low prices work wonders. It should also be noted that entertainment sites, consulting, legal, etc. are gaining popularity. A copywriter can also be used on the Internet.
  • Building. This, of course, is not about the construction company for the construction of skyscrapers or cottage settlements, but here you can earn. We assemble our team of professionals and ... build to order. Or we provide other services - for example, repair, floor screed, installation of stretch ceilings, welding, construction of baths or wells, drilling, etc. Forged products are also popular and in demand today. If there is such an experience - it's time to show your talents.
  • Car repair.The workshop itself can be opened right in your garage, and when it goes, you can rent a room. Drivers always have the need to repair cars - a crisis does not save them from accidents and breakdowns. In addition to repair, you can do hauling seats, installing alarms, painting, etc.
  • Passenger or cargo transportation. If you have a car in stock (mini-bus, gazelle) - it means you have a chance to earn. And the crisis is not a hindrance to you. Because people continue to move and go on long trips, and the need for the delivery of goods also remains. Transportation options - the mass.
  • Manicure at home.Have skills and experience? "Turn on" word of mouth, take advantage of advertising opportunities on the web, create your own online business card site with the best works and work for health. You can right at home, and you can go to the client (this is more expensive). If you are a professional, then regular profits are guaranteed.
  • The hairdresser. Nothing will prevent this work - even in a crisis, people need haircuts and hairstyles. Catch the moment! Specialists who come to the client's home are always popular and valuable, despite the higher "tariffs". As a rule, queues are written 2-3 weeks in advance, and for 1 day of work, even taking into account trips around the city, you can earn from 3-5 thousand rubles.
  • Organization of holidays of an economy class. Very profitable occupation. Many people want a holiday, but not everyone has the opportunity to arrange it "in a big way". In a crisis, because everything has to save. But the holiday is not only a laser show, a restaurant, fireworks and dinner accompanied by the music of the popular group. This is, first of all, originality, excellent mood and a flight of fantasy that will help you to arrange a memorable event, even with a minimum budget. Recruit a team (do not forget to capture the photographer) - and go!
  • Cultivation of dogs (cats). If the living space allows, you yourself adore quadrupeds, and the household is not against it - grab this idea. It is better, of course, to do this in your own country house, because not all the neighbors will be happy around the clock vociferous barking behind the wall. As for earnings, it depends on the breed and the number of your "producers". For example, a puppy of a popular Chinese crested dog today costs about 15 thousand rubles, a Yorkshire terrier - 30 thousand, an English bulldog - up to 2500 USD, a pharaoh dog - up to 7000 USD.

You can also organize excursions around your city, rent your property, do tutoring, sew clothes for dogs at home, repair computers and much more.

The main thing is to be an expert in your field. Responsible and qualified.

How to say goodbye to poverty - real stories of people who got rich in a crisis

For many enterprising people, a crisis is just another opportunity to make money, despite the economic upheavals of a global nature.

Your attention are real examples of such people:

  • Queens John Paulson

This New York financier was able to earn 3.7 billion USD in the falling American market.

Simultaneously with him in 2007, Symons, Soros, Griffin and Falcone significantly increased their wealth.
Jeff Green.

Also earned on the fall of the market, after which hit the TOP of the richest Americans. He foresaw future problems in the real estate market and successfully played on his fall, increasing his fortune by 800 million USD.

  • Young businessman from Russia Philip

Left without a job in a crisis, the guy did not fall into depression, but did exactly the opposite - he opened a small online store for trading artificial Christmas trees and bright New Year's costumes.

Earnings amounted to 100 000 rubles / week.

  • Charles wiley

At the beginning of the 19th century (during the Depression), this man opened a small printing house, and at the same time a bookstore.

In the process of "survival," he concluded an agreement with the publisher Van Winkleem, and once in the printing house that became famous, the books of Alan Poe, Fenimore Cooper, and others were published.

A confidently expanding company was named John Wiley & Sons.

  • James rider

At the beginning of the 20th century, during the time of the great depression, an ordinary man, James Ryder, quit his job and purchased a truck for $ 125. On it, he drove building materials and trash from the beaches.

Not even 2 years passed, as already several trucks appeared in his "fleet". The rider leased them to freight transport companies.

Today, James’s business is known as Ryder Systems.

There are many such stories. As life shows, you can become rich in a crisis.

And not necessarily have a serious start-up capital. As a rule, it is enough persistence, ingenuity, courage and ... a little bit of luck. Crisis is not a test of strength, but new opportunities.


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